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worker termites

A termite colony is made up of the reproductives, the workers, and the soldiers. Each type has its own role. In this article, let’s figure out the role of worker termites. The king and queen choose where the termites live.

Worker termites, for their part, are the most populous in the termite colony. These termites dedicate their lives to the ground. They also go to the wooden structures and nest and their primary role is to gather food for the entire colony. Worker termites are small in size. These termites are also blind, wingless, and have creamy white bodies.

What do Termite Workers look like?

The termite workers have hard mouthparts. Their head is also hard, but their body is vulnerable to drying. That is the reason why termites need to stay in a moist environment. They are wingless and they typically do all the tasks in the colony. That is why they are called termite workers. In colonies, the termites’ tasks are linked to your size and shape. They classify the worker termite from major and minor roles.

Workers are distinguished according to their maturity. If the termites are young, they stay in the colony. The young worker termite duty is to do the general repair and work maintenance in the galleries. They are also responsible for taking good care of the eggs and the queen. Older or mature workers, on the other hand, are responsible for gathering food. They go outside the colony or build some tunnels that can connect them to the food sources. 

In the termite colony, 10% of the workers are away in their territory to gather food. If the termite colony does not have soldiers, the workers will defend them. The older workers will be responsible for protecting the colony from the outside forces. 

How can I classify the worker termite from the other termite?

You can classify the termite worker from the other species by looking at the color and size. The worker termites are pale and white in color. They have a straight antenna and round heads. 

To differentiate them from royalty, they are smaller in size. You will also notice that the soldier termites have white bodies, but they have larger jaws and dark heads. If you see some winged termites in your home, they call it swarming termites. Winged termites are also reproductives, like the king and queen. But, the only time that they can lay eggs is when they go outside during swarming. You will notice the termite wing in the ground or the floors.

How can Worker Termites Destroy my Home?

The primary role of termite workers is to gather food. Their favorite spot is wood and its core. They eat the wooden structures in your home. It can be your beams, siding, flooring, and joists. The main goal of the termite worker is to get the cellulose of the wood substance. It can be your drywall, clothing, wallpaper, and even your carpet. Every object can be a target for termite infestation.

What does termite damage look like?

The damages from your home are because of the subterranean termite infestation. The subterranean termites destroy your property. You can notice the damages of the workers by the following structural elements. 

  • Bent floorboards or sudden weakening of your wood floors.
  • Discoloration and bubbling paint on your walls or ceilings.
  • Holes in your dry walls. There are also small areas of dirt if you pay close attention.
  • There are patterns in the damages of your wood. 
  • There are vertical structures in your underneath or outside of your home. The termite tunnels are also connected to the foundation of your home.
  • Pay close attention to the moist areas in your home. Termites also produce the awful smell and moldy odors. 

Termite damage prevention tips

Termites are pests who love moisture. You can prevent this destructive pest from entering your home by reducing the humidity. Your house has different moisture levels that you need to pay close attention to. You can try these pest control tips:

  • You can use dehumidifiers in your home and also try installing air-conditioners or ventilated fans. 
  • If it is raining, make sure that your gutters are working. They siphon away from the water from the exterior parts of your home. To prevent the water from overflowing or seeping, make sure that you unclog it drains.
  • If there are damages in your fixtures, leaky pipes, faucets, fix it immediately.
  • If there is damage in your wood structures, replace it quickly.
  • Limit the wood to soil contact in your house foundation and wooden structures.

How do I get rid of termites?

If you discover that there are termites infesting your home, contact a professional. They know how to get rid of the destructive pests in your home and give you peace of mind.

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