Termites in Oregon

Termites are active across the state, from Portland to Pendleton and from Medford to Eugene, Oregon.

What Types of Termites Are in Oregon?

Subterranean termites are known to damage homes in Oregon. The western drywood termite occasionally infests homes along the coast in Oregon. Dampwood termites also are common in Oregon; however, dampwood termites are less likely to damage structures than subterranean and drywood termites.

  • Subterranean Termite
  • Drywood termite:
  • Dampwood termite:

Are Formosan Termites in Oregon?

Formosan termites have not been identified in Oregon.

When Do Termites Swarm in Oregon?

Generally, termites swarm on a warm day after a rainfall. Swarms also may occur during the winter in heated buildings. The swarming habits of the most common species in Oregon are described below.

  • The western subterranean termite swarms during the day in the rainy season, typically any time from autumn to spring.
  • The arid-land subterranean termite swarms during the day in the spring and fall.
  • The western drywood termite swarms in coastal Oregon during the day in the summer.
  • The Pacific dampwood termite typically swarms just before dusk from August to October.
  • The Nevada dampwood termite swarms in spring at higher elevations, and in summer and early fall in coastal areas.
  • Swarms often take place just before sunset.

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More Information about Termites in Oregon

According to Termite Infestation Probability Zones (TIP Zones), Oregon is located in TIP Zone #3 (slight to moderate), meaning there are some potential for damage by subterranean termites. Areas with lower probabilities for termite activity requires lesser termite control measures to meet International Residential Code building standards for new homes than areas with more large rate of activity.

In states like Oregon where termites are active, efficient maintenance an effective termite prevention and control program is important. If you own a home in Oregon, speak with your termite control expert about methods that will aid in protecting your home from termite infestations and damage.

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