termites in montana

Termite Activity in Montana

Termites are active in some parts of Montana, including narrow bands along the eastern and western borders of the state. Termites can also be found in western cities, like Missoula and Dillon, or eastern cities, like Miles City, than cities near the center of the state, like Great Falls or Billings, Montana.

What Types of Termites are in Montana?

Subterranean termites are famous for causing damages to homes in Montana. Drywood termites are not natural habitats to the state.

Are Formosan Termites in Montana?

Formosan termites are yet to be identified in Montana. This species lives majorly in very warm locations in the southern U.S.

When Do Termites Swarm in Montana?

Generally, termites swarm on a warm day after a rainfall. Swarms occurrence could be during winter in heated buildings. The swarming habits of the most common species in Montana are described below.

  • The eastern subterranean termite swarms in the day from March to May.
  • The western subterranean termite actually swarms in the daytime in the local rainy season in autumn, winter or early spring.
  • The arid-land subterranean termite swarms during the daylight in the spring and fall.

More Information about Termites in Montana

According to Termite Infestation Probability Zones (TIP Zones), portions of Montana are located in TIP Zone #3 (slight to moderate), stating some damage possibilities by subterranean termites. Areas which possess low probabilities for activity need termite control measures to meet International Residential Code building standards for new homes than areas with more frequent activity.

Although there are no drywood termites established in Montana, there are possibilities for this species to travel in wooden objects, such as furniture and wine crates, and establish colonies in the state. There has been Drywood termites discovered in some areas far from their normal habitation. Any licensed termite inspector can assist in identifying species not native to the state.

In states like Montana where termites are active, Maintaining an effective termite prevention and control program is efficient. If you own a home in Montana, then converse with your termite control expert about methods to help protect your home from termite infestations and damage.

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