Termite Treatment Cost: How Much will Termite Treatment Cost Me?

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Termite Treatment Cost: How Much will Termite Treatment Cost Me?

Termite Treatment




August 13, 2019


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The first questions homeowners ask often after finding out they have a termite problem is “How much termite treatment will cost them?”

And usually after hearing an indicated price for an inspection and consistent treatment they ask “Why does termite treatment cost so much? Aren’t there any cheaper methods for getting rid of termites?”

This is really easy to understand because termite control and termination is something that most homeowners rarely think about until an infestation is discovered and at that point the actual cost of termite removal and damage repair is on the high rate.

According to Terminix, a reputable national extermination company, the average price required for getting rid of termites, Which includes a complete repair of the damage caused by them, is $8,644!

There are many ways homeowners can treat termites themselves. However, the choice, depends basically on the level of the damage and the quantity of termites residing in the structure.

Many companies make provision of free quotes and evaluation, you may take advantage of such companies to estimate the final cost. The cost of termite treatment solely depends on the type of termite present at your home. Most times, there are two main types of termites that will invade a home.

The first common type of termite invasion is a subterranean termite, which approximately lives three to four feet from the home. Usually, they occupy the foundation or the area between the Tesco and the foundation, and leave ‘mud tubes’ considered a sign of invasion.

For such kind of termites to be treated, it involves the removal of tubes by an inspector, after which he drills around the foundation and then injects an organic pesticide into the hole.

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The second type of termite likely to invade your home is the Drywood termite. Normally, they invade homes between August and September, and are usually attracted by decaying wood or wooden structures.

So, endeavor the removal of dry rot around the home as a means of keeping these termites at bay. Normally they leave fecal pellets around floor boards and window sills as an indication of their presence. These types of termites may exist in your home for up to five years before their presence is felt. But how much does a termite treatment cost?

Termite Treatment Cost

Complete termite treatment can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000, strongly depends on the complication and size of the job. Other determining factors are the procedures and different equipment that could be required to start the job. Some of the techniques used by termite control experts include the following:

1. Liquid Chemical Barrier.

This is one of the common treatment methods which involves the use of repellent to exterminate termites before their invasion into the home or as they proceed to their colony after leaving the structure.

Some termites can be repelled without much effort before they make entrance into a building. However, those already existing in the structure often form a new colony. After the application of a liquid chemical, termites already existing in the walls die from dehydration due to lack of moisture.

2. Non-repellent Liquid Treatment.

This method is mostly preferred for treating termites as it does not involve chemicals. However, annual inspection is highly recommended to ensure that the building is still protected from termite infection.

3. Termite Bait Systems.

This is one of the most environment friendly methods aside from it being one of the methods that reduces termite treatment costs to a low minimum.

This method involves installing several bait stations around the home and a monitoring station that is pesticide-free. The termites are killed if their activity is found within the bait area.

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For permanent treatment to be guaranteed, the system has to be monitored on a quarterly basis.

In addition to the above, below are other methods used by most termite control service providers.

  1. Trenching which is aimed at treating the soil around the pier or concrete.
  2. Rod injection which is aimed firstly at deep-treating the soil around the home’s perimeter fence.
  3. Rod injection and concrete building that looks like treating a slab like a patio.

Factors That Affect Termite Control Cost.

The cost of treating termite infestation is not cheap. However, there are calculators that can be used to determine the cost of keeping these pests at bay.

General, termite treatment cost solely depends on the following factors.

1. Your Home’s Square Footage.

Actually, bigger homes experience high risks of suffering extensive termite invasion than smaller homes. Bearing these points in mind, such homes require quality inspection hours, and of course, determines the termites termite.

In this regard, the bigger your home is, the bigger the damage and the more it will cost to treat termites.

2. Infestation Extent.

More often, in terms of inspection more is required to treat a termite colony that has affected the structural quality of the entire building than it actually cost to treat a young colony that has only infected the fresh wood of the house.

3. The Foundation of Your House.

The way the foundation of your house was built will likely affect the treatment approach a pest control company will give to your home. This is because certain types of foundation similar to the monolithic slabs requires a customized treatment approach.

Likewise,, in this procedure whether your foundation has a crawl space or basement is also taken into consideration. The cost to treat termites in these kinds of foundations is more than it would on normal foundation structures.

Individual Difference in Termite Treatment Cost

How can the price of termite treatment be cheap for one person, yet be expensive for another person within the same city? The estimated amount paid to get rid of termites depends on many factors. listed below are six main factors influencing the price of termite treatment but always remember that there are many more reasons your total price may vary from your neighbor’s cost:

  1. The size of the termite infestation in your home or structure
  2. The age of the infestation
  3. The location of the infestation
  4. The type of guarantee you have selected
  5. The type of termites present (Two main types of termites are present in North America)
  6. The type of treatment used to exterminate these pests
  7. The type of service used (Whether you opt for local, national, or do-it-yourself pest control)
  8. The type of company you have selected. In some cases, bigger companies have few more overhead expenses than smaller ones.

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How to Reduce Termite Treatment Cost.

As seen above, several factors can determine the expenses involved in treating termite infestation and it can be a costly one. In this case, every homeowner may be concerned with how to bring the cost down.

One of the practical tips is to consider a product that focuses on perimeter treatment rather than interior treatment. Aside from that, shopping around is best as it provides opportunity for you to get more than one estimate.

Most termite control companies provide free estimates. On the same note, you should give big companies a wide position because their services often involve a lot of expenses.

If not properly managed, termites can cause extensive damage to your home and its properties. Basically, preventing them from invading your property is regarded as the most practical and effective way of guarding your home.

Although termite treatment cost is not considered cheap for most homeowners, it is a highly valuable investment when compared to the cost of repairing a termite-damaged structure.

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