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Termite Shield

One of the biggest pest issues every home and buildings are facing today is termites. The damage it causes is not something you can laugh about. As much as possible, home and property owners want to prevent it from happening. For this reason, there are particular home and building codes in each state necessary to take place and ensure the protection of your property from these damaging pests. This code is updated and included as the primary standard set to ensure every entity, home, and business from the damage caused by termites. It also requires the combined efforts of design and construction companies, property inspectors, and pest controllers to make sure that homes and buildings of today are not vulnerable to termite infestations.

It will generally produce a unique range of practices for homes and buildings specifically designed to develop termite protection measures and prevent it to enter your property. Home and property owners will obtain the right knowledge and information to ensure that they’ll get the protection they need for their structures from damaging pests.

What is a termite shield?

It is a flashing metal sheet designed to become a barrier and prevent insect penetration from all wood structures. Termite shields also protect the wood from unnecessary moisture and damage because of the drop lip that moves water away from any woody materials.

Are termite shields required?

If you will base it on the code passed on as a requirement for home and building structures, yes, a termite shield is necessary. It is required as a preventative measure that needs to be done for many home and property structures, especially with its foundation. It is crucial because termite invasion and infestation can exist in these structures and damage property, especially with cellulose material.

How do termite shields work?

Termite shields are used with a reduced frame to lessen the movement of pests from the underground into the building’s wood frame like studs, deck, or floor joists. You will discover many kinds of none chemical pest barriers today, but the termite shield is still considered one of the most effective and original. With all the information here, you are going to see why.

Termite shields are also made from different materials. And they come at different prices as well. One kind of termite shield you see most of the time is produced using sheet flashing metals like terne, aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel. The metals are being formed to perfectly fit at the top of the wall and the bottom of the plate drip sill. The shield’s edges are hemmed to slightly extend on your wall’s face and then turned below to create a drip-like edge share. It can divert the water from running to the wall, reducing termites from the underground into the wood structures. In a clear view, the termite shields are not designed to protect a structure from termites, but it helps termite activity become more visible to people’s eyes.

Will termite shields deter insects to enter a house?

Termite shields will give you the confidence to have your own place. Though technically it will not prevent the termites to enter your property, it will definitely force this pest to form a visible round tube in the shield, making its presence more detectable to the naked eyes, especially during the inspection.

According to the experts, termite shields’ effectiveness varies if this piece of a metal object can project two inches below the sideways of the property structure or subject. The outer portion must bend down at an angle of 45-degree. All openings and joints, including the anchor bolts products, should be sealed as well. Aside from termite shields, household and property owners must know about soil poisoning as well because it’s another effective way to safeguard your property against the damaging subterranean termites.

How are termite shields being installed?

A moisture barrier and pier cap termite must be installed during home renovations or property constructions. It is where a termite shield becomes advantageous. It must be put on top of any concrete foundation to form a termite barrier between the concrete pier blocks and the wood elements to support the work.

In Summary

Termite shield is proven one of the best investments you can have in your home or building. So it’s about time to call an expert about it. This termite treatment option must be performed during the time the structure is placed or built. It’s a complicated process for most constructors to treat buildings or homes with a termite shield after the initial construction or after it is already made. It’s still possible, but it’s entirely a different process to perform. Take note that the first treatment may not last a lifetime. It is always necessary to have an annual home inspection service, yearly checkups, and maintenance service to keep the tiny subterranean termites out of your property.

Termite shield is a long time process for pest control, but it’s quite useful, especially if you are using the galvanized steel material. The concept behind it is simple; the shield is formed as a termite barrier through which pests could not be able or impossible to pass. One theory about it is that these wood destroying pests like termites can hardly eat through the metal frame. When the shield extended more on the foundation block, no other way for these termites to go around anymore because termites will definitely not come in places they are most visible.

The shield is a big help in many properties as a backup plan. One is to ensure that termites will find no way to bypass a customer’s home foundation and penetrate their home structures. There must be no overlapping when you installed the termite shield because one termite shield overlapped may lead to a possible penetration of these tiny creatures in your homes or buildings. It’s understandable why termite shields give clear protection, no matter what the price is.

The damage caused by termites is no joke, so as early as possible, you have to prevent it. Besides that, today, many homes and local building owners are considering the regular treatment of using chemicals as other backup options. It is still best to get your property inspected and treated by a real pest control service and professional to make everything in place and obtain the best defense against the damage caused by termites. And if you are a local customer, you have to call and see the right people help you out with the price, shop, and purchase options available for special termite shields.

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Termite Shield

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