Termite poop: Sign of Termite Infestation

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Termite poop: Sign of Termite Infestation

Drywood termites are the leading cause of stress and problems for homeowners. The repair cost a lot if the termites infest your home. It is the most stubborn termites because it can live even if it does not connect to the soil. They can create their nest in your furniture and lumber. 

One sign that shows that you have termites in your house is their droppings. If you find termites poop, do not panic, instead, look for the source and call for a professional.

What is termite frass?

Frass is another term for termite poop. As you read above, the drywood termites live and eat woods. It means that you will see their deposits near their source. Remember that they do not navigate the tunnels that have their excrement. 

The drywood termites flush their droppings away by chewing kick-out holes to create an opening, and they will push their poop in the hole. It will leave their tunnel clear and open. If you observe, termites frass look like sawdust or fine grains of sands that are gathering near your furniture, floor, and door.

What is the sign of Termites

Spotting drywood termite droppings is one of the signs that you can encounter termites in your home. You can also find some mud tubes, discarded wings, or wood damage. Bear in mind that the signs you will notice in your home depend on the types of termite species. The sad truth is, it is not well-known to homeowners like you. Besides, there are possibilities that the termites live in your home, and slowly destroying your it because you did not pay attention to it for years. 

Besides termites, another insect that poses a threat to your home is the carpenter ant, one of the most problematic ant species. Just like termites, they can cause severe damage to your home if they are not exterminated immediately. Carpenter ant got its name from the fact that it excavates wood to build its nests that result to smooth tunnels inside the wood. It would be a worry because carpenter ants don’t eat inside the house, they are infesting.

Given these circumstances, it would be great to have a termite protection plan like a timely inspection.

What does Frass look like?

Most of the termite droppings are small, about one millimeter in length, and it is like wood shavings or dust. You can find Frass drywood in places like basement wood beams, but you can also locate it in the kitchen or doors. The color depends on what type of wood termites infest, and in some cases, it looks like pepper and salt. 

Subterranean Frass. The subterranean termites do not leave visible poops. And the first sign of termite infestation is a wormlike tunnel that you can see around your home foundation or walls. Subterranean termites use their poop to construct their mud tubes, and tunnels, so you can include termites droppings as their nests.

The damp wood or drywood termites live inside the wood that they eat, and you will not feel and see their presence unless you see poop or swarm under the damaged wood.

If you encounter any signs of damage, contacting a professional is the best option.

Drywood termite droppings. If you encounter a mysterious pile of pellets, it can indicate a drywood termite infestation. They leave behind signs of their activity in their territory. When the king and queen termites establish their nest inside the wood, they seal the hole so that no one can enter their nest. They will begin the reproduction and building their colony. 

The swarmers will leave their nests to build new colonies, and they can find all their needs like water, food, shelter, and proper moisture inside the wood. 

The only portion that the drywood termite is lacking is the availability of unlimited space. As they live in the wood, they also consume it creating holes to push their Frass away from their nests.

Is termite poop harmful?

The termite droppings are not harmful, but it would be best to consult a professional in handling them. The termite droppings does not give any threats in health, but if you clean it up, do not do it alone. You can ask help through their contact us page. It would be best if you have a specialist to help you. If you have chemical allergies, do not stay or clean the termite frass. You can report it to the professionals, and they will also use fewer chemicals if the termite damage is not severe.

How long can a termite live?

Termites are everywhere; it is just that you do not notice them because they are tiny, and you do not have any tools to see them. They live for 15 to 20 years, and the queen termite can lay eggs every 15 seconds. That is why their population keeps on growing. It is a destructive pest that can consume your home. 


Drywood termites are not common as subterranean termites, but they can ruin your house if their presence is not recognized quickly or the right pest control was not applied. Drywood termites tend to create their colony nests below the eaves and roof shingles and set up there a place for themselves between the floors and ceilings. Hence, one of the best things to do is inspect the attic areas and around beams if possible and carefully look for any termite droppings left behind.

A key sign of termites, and in particular drywood termites, is frass – droppings. This indicator of an infestation is something that is always looked for during a termite inspection. In this way, if you happen to find any termite activity in your home, you can immediately deal with it with the right termite control method. At the same time, in order to be 100% sure if the mounds of oval-shaped pellets you found in your home were, in fact, termite droppings, it will be vital to get help from an expert conduct a thorough inspection of your property. It means including your house, garage, and other structures, especially the ones made of woods. A pest control professional can confirm the presence of termites and suggest the best pest control technique based on what type of termite infestation you are dealing with.

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