Effective Termite Liquid Treatment Methods Using Termidor (Termiticides)

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The oldest, and most immediate, treatment for termites is to use a liquid pesticide. Newer bait systems have tended to replace this, and while it used to be the only way to deal with termites, it’s no longer the preferred method.

Liquid treatments using a pesticide called a “termiticide” (because it kills termites) work by trying to create a barrier around your house with chemicals, so that termites can’t pass and come in to start a colony.

If you go with a liquid option, your pest control company will usually spray in small areas and cracks in your house where termites may try to enter. They also usually pump several hundred gallons worth of termiticide into the ground around your house, and those chemicals will stay there for several years, killing termites that try to burrow into your foundation.

Termidor SC Termiticide

There are two basic kinds of liquid pesticides used on termites: repellants try to create a chemical barrier which termites cannot pass. The chemicals repel termites, and they won’t cross the barrier to get into your home. Non-repellants just kill the termites when they cross the barrier.

The main reasons that you’d want to go with a liquid version are that it works immediately (whereas bait can take months to kill a colony) and that it’s cheap. It can also last much longer than bait, as the chemicals will linger in the soil killing termites for several years.

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However, many of the older products aren’t really recommended anymore. Chemicals will be in the ground near your house, and they can leak into water supplies or deposits. Many older chemicals are now considered environmentally unsafe, so you have to be careful about what you’re getting. Termites also can usually find gaps in the application of pesticide, and can get into your house anyway even if most of it is protected.

There are a few newer liquid termiticides that are still popular among pest control professionals, using newer chemicals rather than some of the older, dangerous ones. Termidor is the most prominent of these. It’s got several advantages compared to the traditional liquid termiticides: instead of requiring gallons and gallons pumped into the ground, only a small amount (ounces) is used. It uses fipronil, a chemical that is much safer environmentally. It is designed to kill termites (whereas older chemicals were designed to repel them). However, it is more expensive than other liquid treatments. If you’re going to go with a liquid treatment, I’d recommend looking at this one.

You can find a pest control company in your area that uses Termidor or Do it yourself.

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