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Termite Inspection San Jose

Do you own a real estate or commercial property in San Jose, CA? Are you troubled about the pest and termite that might destroy your home? The best option for avoiding termite damage in your own residential property in San Jose are termite inspections and termite control services. The primary choice that you need to do is to find the best San Jose pest control company and engage in all the preventive steps if the problem arises.

The most functional way to prevent termites infesting your property in your area is to set up periodic protection services. The main element of these services is a professional exterminator San Jose. The service covers the termite inspections of the areas in your home that has a possibility of pest infestation. The inspector will look in damaged woods, mud tubes, and the presence of swarmers. This service will give you peace of mind that will ensure you catch the termites before damage occurs.

Things to Consider Before you Hire a Termite Control Company in San Jose, CA

If you are having trouble looking for pest control in San Jose, you must consider a variety of termite inspections. Is the company offers termite inspection? What are the options that best suit your interests? How was the customer-feedback of the company in your area? Going through these three factors will guide you to narrow down your options and make an informed choice.

Consider a Company that offers Free Termite Inspection

You do not have to worry about the financial cost of the termite inspections, top-notch companies offer a free termite evaluation. You are highly benefited from this because you will learn about the termite infestation status of your home without the risk of spending your own money.

Look for the company who has the best customer feedback

The length of time in business is another factor. It simply reflects the company’s expertise in termite control and a sense of confidence in pest control san Jose. You can also find testimonials and reviews about the level of work the company does in the past. Termites can seriously damage your home. The termite company’s termite inspection experience and expertise matter the most.

Guaranteed Complete Termite Inspection and Termite Control

Termite is a serious problem. They are difficult to eradicate and often hide in areas that you can’t see easily. In this manner, you need to consider a company that offers a guaranteed complete termite control; one that provides additional treatments if you discovered that the service is not completely finished.

Reduced Risk Pesticide Program

Doing spot treatments using the green pest control services; the exterminators will remove termite-infested structural wood and replace it with new ones. It is environment-friendly and can reduce the risk of polluting the environment.

Home Structural Repair

The company is experienced and can handle all your termite problems. This service offers you a repair for the structural damage caused by termites, water, and dry rot.

Termite Treatment Options

There are varieties of options available for termite treatment and inspection in San Jose, CA. You need to be familiar with the termite treatment options and inspection to understand better the treatment recommendations for your home. The complexity and difficulty of eradicating a termite infestation need to be done by a termite professional and it requires tools and expertise. The options below are the preventive measures done by professionals in termite control and termite inspection.

Termiticide-Liquid Pesticide

The liquid pesticide is one of the options in eradicating termite. It is designed to treat for termite and create a barrier to protect your home. It can be applied to the soil which results in a lethal effect that when the termites return to the soil for moisture, they are killed as well.


One of the potential treatment options is bait station, it is typically found in San Jose, CA. They were installed below the ground so the termites can stay in the ground in contact with the rich soils and easily gain access to the bait. Inside the station are the materials identified as food. The bait is created to target the termites that will share poison-laced food with the others. A termite inspection will follow right away to ensure the success of the treatment.

Structural Fumigation

It is a process where a lethal gas is released inside the sealed off the structure. It permeates every part of the home to ensure the sealing off of the property and protects you, other people, and animals that are possibly affected. Sulfuryl Fluoride is the gas used to kill termites in structural fumigation it aims areas that are not visually seen and accessible.

Heat Treatment

The exterminator will do the inspection of the interior and exterior of your home to identify areas with an active termite infestation. The specialist will increase the temperature by 140 to 150 degrees for 90 minutes to ensure a complete kill. The entire process could last and may be completed for eight hours depending on the area, structure of the building, and the weather.

Non-Chemical Treatment

The specialist will do a quick inspection that focuses on physical barriers; sands and steel mesh have shown as effective physical barriers. Since this method does not involve the application of insecticide, it is environment-friendly.

Evidence of Pest Infestation

Swarming insects outdoors

If you see hundreds of swarming termites outside this is a sign that you have a termite colony nearby, or somewhere in your yard. You need to turn off all of your exterior lightings to avoid the pests attracted to your home. You also need to ask a professional to do some inspection in your area.

House/Building exterior

Moist soil and humidity can attract pests in your house exterior. You need to check an inspection regularly or avail services to check your home and keep it safe.      

Deck of Fencing

Untreated deck fences can be a target of termites. You need to protect it from stagnant water and constant moisture to prevent harm in your property.


Termites do not choose seasons, places, or time. They will continue to harm you as long as conditions are met. If you do not come up with termite solutions and do the inspection they will continue to destroy your property. Basically, preventive termite treatments are the best for you, and availing services will eliminate the damages that you might encounter in the future. You can live happily and comfortably knowing that you are protected with termite control services.

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