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Termite Inspection San Diego

A lot of San Diego pest control businesses specialize in residential and commercial termite treatment. From home inspection to fumigation tenting to trenching, these termite control services visibly occurs. There is nothing wrong with one-time termite control and removal service because it can also wasp up your pest problem. But recurring treatment and pest control are recommended to make sure that the damaging termites are not coming back to the nest. Ongoing pest control or termite control for rodents and termites are important, not only in San Diego but also in urban and suburban areas. Scheduling termite inspection San Diego is something homeowners should do annually.

Termites multiply quickly, but the infestations become unnoticed for many years until the property or homeowner finds a termite. By that time, there are already a number of termite colonies present in the entire structure. These colonies have millions of termites, surviving in one small area alone. Imagine these numbers of pests damaging your property without you knowing. That is why they are called ‘silent destroyers.’ They create a tunnel through a wooden structure below the ground for periods of time, even before you realize that you have a termite issue. Good thing there are termite inspection company and pest control experts from Terminix San Diego who can help put your mind at ease.

Types of Termites in San Diego

There are 2 different species of termites to look for during a termite inspection in San Diego, including:

  • A Drywood Termite

This kind of termite can adapt and survive outside of the structure’s ground. The specie has the ability to build colonies in any location where a steady demand of wood available. The areas include the crawl spaces, walls, subflooring, attics, and other parts of the house or buildings.

  • A Subterranean Termite

This termite lives throughout the United States, including San Diego, California. The specie sustains by building new colonies on the surface, near their food sources like wood around the house or building.

Both the Drywood and Subterranean termites can possibly survive in San Diego’s city limits but not limited to rural areas. They bite through concrete, plastic, drywall, brick, and other building components to get wood sources. Additionally, termites also require a tiny crack opening to obtain entry to your house or building. But, termites are not the ones that are considered a wood destroyer in San Diego. Besides this specie, buildings and homeowners must be aware of other wood-destroying insects that might damage your wood structure.

Most termite inspection companies in San Diego CA make it a part of their services to look for the wood-destroying organisms when they do an inspection. That’s why if you are looking for an inspection company, make sure to find for pest control expert around San Diego CA that can also inspect your property for other types of pests beside termites.

In the situation problems are discovered during a termite inspection, many experts on pest control management will discuss various treatment proposals. It includes different options to avoid a termite infestation in the coming years. The call for a termite control company in San Diego is a must because they are the ones who can explain to you the possible repairs done after a termite infestation has been widespread in your San Diego property. You will also get excellent recommendations on keeping your home safe and free from any pests.

Signs of Termites Infestation in your Home

Since termites can do so much destruction before you even realize it, it is vital to be on the lookout all the time and look for signs. It will be possible if you do a thorough inspection of your place, too, with the help termite inspection company in San Diego CA. Some pest control in San Diego offers free termite inspection every homeowner must take advantage of. The things to look for during a free inspection of pest control San Diego experts are:

  • Empty-sounding wood structure
  • Close-fitting windows or doors that are not easy to open
  • The termite’s buildup frass, also known as the tiny pellets resembling sand or sawdust
  • Piles of discarded wings
  • The Mud tunnels

If these signs are noticeable in your San Diego’s property and your home is being compromised, call and ask for help from the pest control team, you know. Consider those companies that offer free termite inspection. It must be done right away and waste no time because termite can do massive damage to your property.

Termites With Wings

Termite swarmers or flying termites is key evidence of termite infestation. If you see a swarmer, there may be a new termite colony in a specific area of your house. The winged termites are attracted to lights, so if you want to catch this pest, you can often found them around light sources like windows and lamps.

Sometimes, termite swarmers are confused with flying ants. It’s hard to see the difference between the two, and you might need the help of a real expert. If you noticed that you have flying termites on your home, call a pest specialist as soon as possible to determine the pest and what necessary action to do about it.

Keeping Your Home Free From Termites

Have you ever spotted a winged termite appearing from the ground of your home’s foundation wall? Or have you found sawdust piles around doors and windows? If you did, chances are you have a pest in your property. If you are not sure about what kind of insect it is, an ant or a termite, asking help from a real professional about pests is a big help. But if you need answers right away, a termite has a straight antenna, uniform wings, and waists while an ant has elbowed antenna, longer forewings, and constricted waists.

To ensure that your home is not conducive to subterranean termites and pest infestation, a free inspection you can do yourself must be practiced as well. The DIY prevention you can do includes:

  • Monitor the class of your soil near your structure. If water can go around your home, add soil and slope it away.
  • Secure your gutter downspouts and must be located away from the structure. If needed, add downspout to push the water far away from your property.
  • Have the foundation cracks be repaired if possible Keep the water away from the structure’s foundation to prevent the cracks from becoming larger. 
  • Eliminate wood debris in your backyard because they are a perfect breeding ground for pests. 
  • Lessen earth-to-wood contact in your house. Keep the wood structure or materials at least 6 in above the ground. 
  • Repair any leaking plumbing issues, both indoors and outdoors. 

Staying your home upgraded with updated home repairs is essential to protecting your property from wood-destructing pests. As soon as you suspected that your place is infested, make sure to call for help. If you are worried about the cost, try to find a free termite inspection company first as they offer some of their initial inspection services without the need to pay anything to them.

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