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Termite Inspection Omaha

Termites are one of the biggest threats to your Omaha home because they can destroy your house slowly over the years without you even knowing. That’s why getting termite control is essential. The first step in achieving complete termite control is getting termite inspections from quality pest control inc in Omaha, NE.

Termite inspections help you detect termite infestations early, allowing you to prevent large-scale damage to your home, saving you from costly repairs. The best Omaha pest control services help you assess your home’s condition or identify places susceptible to termite infestations in the Omaha area. These services provide you with the first step in attaining full termite control and eliminate your termite problem earlier.

Impact of Termites in Omaha Structures

Most individuals don’t feel the impact of termites in their homes because a termite can feed through your home’s structure without detection, going unnoticed through cracks in the slab or foundation. Ideally, you need to have a termite inspection for at least once a year to assess your property’s overall condition, saving your home from immense damages.

The extent of the damage of termites depends on the size of their colony and the duration of their feeding. A termite typically consumes softer springwood, leaving excrement packed in the galleries in place of the wooden material. Other signs of damage from the termites include mud tunnels, shelter tubes, dips or holes in hardwood floors, bubbles, mud spots, and peeling paint on the walls of your home.

What Happens During Termite Inspection

During a termite inspection in your real estate or commercial establishment in Omaha, NE 68134, you can expect the inspector to spend at least an hour and a half to two hours thoroughly checking every area in your property. Below is what the inspector will do during a termite inspection.

Interior Termite Inspections

The inspector will check your home’s interior areas, looking for visible signs of termite activity or termite infestation, including pellets, broken wings, mud tunnels, and damaged wood. They will pay special attention to your bathrooms, utility rooms, and kitchens because these areas are prone to moisture buildup. Make sure to prepare your property before because they will also check your walls, windows, crawl spaces, and the inside of your closets or cabinets.

Exterior Termite Inspections

Outside your real estate or commercial property, the inspector will check the exterior walls, eaves of the structure, and carefully examine the foundation. Besides damaged wood, they will check for mud tubes on the foundation of your home. Finally, after thoroughly inspecting the house, they will move on to the surrounding areas and yards of the property to ensure there are no nest buildups.

Getting a termite inspection from a quality Omaha pest control company can help you detect the signs of termite activities throughout your property earlier. They provide you with complete termite control, allowing you to eliminate your termite problem faster.

Preparing For A Termite Inspection

The first step of having full termite control is by having a termite inspection in your real estate property or business from pest control Omaha. To make the termite inspection process faster for the inspector, here are a few things you can do. 

  • Attic Access

Attics tend to have humid conditions, making it the ideal place for termites. The inspector will check this area, so ensure to remove everything that’s blocking the entrance to the attic.

  • Move Contents

The inspector will also check sinks in your kitchen or bathroom for termite activity in your water sources, so you will need to remove anything you stored under these sinks. Move materials inside the garage at least two feet away from the wall.

  • Clear Crawl Space 

Remove items that may block the crawl space’s opening and remove the items inside the area. That’s because termites thrive in humid conditions, which is standard for crawl spaces.

  • Landscaping

The inspector will check outside of your property for this pest, do some landscaping like trimming plants that conceal the exterior walls or the foundation.

Although these steps are not mandatory, it’s better to help out the inspectors from Omaha pest control services to ensure a smooth inspection process, making it easier for them to give you instructions to have complete termite control. 

How to Prevent Future Termite Infestations

After finishing the inspection, the inspector will provide you with their complete findings. If there’s a termite infestation, they will recommend having treatment from pest control services in Omaha. However, if there are no visible signs of an infestation, they will suggest preventive measures to protect your home from future termite infestations. 

The following are the different practices that you can do to keep your property in Omaha safe from this pest: 

Keep Landscaping Clean

Take care of the landscaping surrounding your home, do not let wood debris, mulch, or firewood touch the exterior surfaces of your house. When you come across dead portions of trees or old tree stumps, remove them from your property. Lastly, prevent any wooden material from having contact with soil, including on your home or fences around your property. 

Get Rid of Excess Moisture

To achieve complete termite control, you need to fix your Omaha home by getting rid of excess moisture. You can do this by quickly repairing leaky faucets, avoiding water accumulation near your foundation, keeping gutters clean, and using downspouts to divert water from the property.

Immediate Repair on Roof and Attic

Do not leave broken roof tiles or attic entrances for long as these can expose the wooden beams inside the structure, providing easy access for termites. This preventive measure is crucial, especially for residents in Omaha, NE, because they experience frequent rainfalls.

Have Annual Termite Inspections

The best way to prevent infestations is by hiring professional termite inspectors from reputable pest control companies because they can easily spot signs of an infestation that you may miss. They will also offer suggestions for the best treatment on active infestations or preventive measures against future invasions by this pest, giving you full control of the situation.

To achieve the best termite control to save your house from unnecessary damages from this pest is by practicing these preventive measures, saving you from costly repairs. 

Final Thoughts

The invasion of termites in structures throughout Omaha, Nebraska, is conventional because of its humid conditions. The state also experiences frequent rainfalls, making homes around the area even more susceptible to termite infestations. Get the help you need with pest control in Omaha and practice proper termite control by having inspections in your property annually.

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