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Termite Inspection Los Angeles

Termites can devalue your home by 25 percent. It is one of the most destructive pests, costing the United States up to $5 billion in property damage annually. When it comes to these pests, properties in Los Angeles, CA, are at risk. There are over 20 species of termites found in California, with Subterranean and Drywood termites being the most common in the sunny city.

These pests damage buildings across Los Angeles and prove to be the biggest threat to homeowners in the area as they can cause extensive damages when left unmanaged. That’s why you need a termite inspection service with pest control Los Angeles so you can identify and eliminate termite activity before the onset of infestations around your property.

Inspecting for Termites in Los Angeles

If you want to maintain your property’s optimal condition, having an annual termite inspection is crucial for the early detection of termite activity. It helps you prevent the risk of massive scale damage and costly repairs. Availing of free termite inspection service helps you assess the overall condition of the property, why it is prone to termites, and identify different ways to mitigate or minimize the risk of infestations in your beautiful Los Angeles home.

Having regular termite inspection helps you understand the species of termites your home is most susceptible to, allowing experts to recommend the most effective termite treatment for your property. Most pest control services in Los Angeles offer free termite inspection, so you do not have to worry about shedding hundreds of dollars for assessment. 

If you have noticed signs of termite activity, it is ideal for you to schedule a free termite inspection with your local Los Angeles pest control company. 

What to Expect During a Termite Inspection

Most pest control in Los Angeles, CA, offer free termite inspections. The duration of these scheduled inspections depends on the size and intricacy or your home or property.

The following is what you can expect during free termite inspections in Los Angeles:

  • Before the inspection – Most technicians will first discuss any concerns you may have during the process. They will provide a thorough description of what the investigation involves. You can help speed up the inspection process by clearing any clutter in your home. 
  • During the inspection – The technician will thoroughly examine inside and outside of your home, including attics, patios, and garages. They will mostly look for high moisture areas or leaks as these termites thrive in damp or moist conditions prevalent in most Los Angles structures. 
  • Post-inspection – After the free termite inspection is complete, these professionals will give you a report that describes their findings, like if there are termite activity and damages in your home. They will provide you with free advice regarding the termite treatment options that are most effective for your termite pest problem. 

Most companies in Los Angeles offer free termite inspection to give patrons an idea of the quality of service they provide. Take advantage of this promo and get your free termite inspections for your property to detect termite activity early, giving you full termite control and saving you money.

Identifying Termites

All species of termites thrive in colonies, consisting of various castes. These castes are specific groupings of these pests that have different functions within their territory.

The following are the three distinct groups of termites:


Termites that belong in this caste is responsible for reproducing and growing the colony. Their color is either dark brown or black and is one-fourth to half an inch in length. You can identify them by their distinct transparent pair of wings.


Like ants, termites also have a caste of workers responsible for the structuring of their colonies. These pests dig tunnels towards the different areas around your home. They are creamy in color and are smaller than swarmers. You can easily differentiate them from other castes because they have no wings.


You can commonly find this caste of termites outside the colony, and they protect their territories from predators. Their color is a distinct creamy white, and they also have no wings. You can distinguish them from the other castes because they are larger, boasting massive jaws.

Understanding the different castes can help you identify which treatment is the best for your termite pest issues. Most termite pest control companies in Los Angeles, CA, indicate the specific termite and pest that are invading in your home after inspecting your property for free.

Signs of Termite Activities

To detect early signs of termite activity, you need to be aware of the different infestation signs to gain full pest control and eliminate them quickly.

The following are the common signs of termite infestations:

  • Pellets 

This pest removes waste as it creates tunnels on different structures, which leaves small amounts of fecal pellets below the kick-out holes in wooden materials. 

  • Weakened Wooden Materials 

This evidence is common among Drywood and Formosan termites. When you notice long, thin cracks, and sagging of the wood, it can indicate that it has been hollowed out by these pests. 

  • Mud Tubes 

This sign is common with subterranean termites. This pest creates pencil-sized mud tunnels that typically lead from their nest to your house. Look for these tubes by checking the surrounding land of your property, outer foundation wall, and crawl spaces in your basement. 

  • Swarms 

Swarmers are responsible for the colony’s growth and swarm between spring or early summer in Los Angeles. You can find these swarms close to scattered transparent wings, usually near windowsills, because swarmers are attracted to light. 

  • Conducive Conditions 

Los Angeles boasts hot temperate conditions throughout the year, which is ideal for termites. Check for wooden materials that have direct contact with soil, or high moisture areas around your property to avoid the growth of these pests, and have full control of the situation. 

Checking for these early signs of termite activities can help you quickly achieve full termite control. When you find one of these signs around your home, immediately call your local termite pest control company in Los Angeles to get rid of your termite and pest issues. 

Termite Treatment Methods

Termite inspections of different establishments produce varying results, but they typically suggest the same treatment methods. Here are the various treatment methods that you can do to have full pest control.

Bait and Monitoring System

This treatment method effectively removes whole colonies of termites, disrupting the molting process, and stunting their growth. You can place small wooden stakes with liquid pesticides around moist areas around your property, including soil, mulch, old tree stumps, and downspouts. It is ideal for homeowners and businesses with properties in areas in Los Angeles prone to subterranean termites.

Chemical Barrier System

This method is ideal for property owners in Los Angeles areas susceptible to infestations of the subterranean species. It uses liquid pesticides to create a potent barrier around the structure, providing temporary control over the termite infestation.

Termite Fumigation Service

It is the most potent termite treatment method and suitable for individuals experiencing severe, widespread, or inaccessible termite infestations. It eliminates all pests in one treatment, but because it involves using toxic chemicals, you must prepare your property before carrying out the process.


Infestations of termites throughout the different structures in Los Angeles, CA, is becoming a huge problem for residents, costing the state millions of dollars in damage per year. Avoid costly repairs by taking advantage of free termite inspection Los Angeles services that most pest control companies offer in the area.

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