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Termite Inspection Las Vegas

Why Is Las Vegas Termite Inspection Important?

The state of Nevada, particularly the surrounding areas like Las Vegas, Carson, and Reno, is currently experiencing an invasion of the Western Subterranean Termites. These harmful pests estimated to be billions in Nevada alone, with one large nest containing a million insects.

Termites are considered the most damaging pest in the state of Nevada. They cause millions of worth of destruction to many homes, even crops in Nevada every year. It is estimated that almost $30 billion is spent on termite destruction back in years.

It is crucial if you live around Nevada, especially in one of their largest cities like Las Vegas or any mentioned above, to call for a termite inspection. It needs to be conducted as a preventative action to protect your home and other properties.

Destruction From Termites

Termites are like eating machines. The worker termites are the one that brings food to termites home or nest, and they never stop eating. Compared to other insects, termites can spend 24 hours eating in a day. The worker termites don’t stop looking for food sources because of the vast demand, and mostly, they love to look for wood.

The chosen food for termites is wood cellulose. It is the softer part of the wood that usually found at the center of a board or tree. Termites often choose the wood where they can easily access and get its cellulose. Unfortunately, these kinds of wood are being used to construct new buildings or houses too.

The termites would burrow into the wood and create a tunnel within the wood to look for food. They will only leave a tiny and thin film of wood on all sides. If the wood is near collapsing, termites will prevent it from maintaining the temperature and humidity within the colony.

When the tunnels are created, the wood becomes weak. Houses or buildings can collapse when the termite destruction occurs due to the compromised uprightness of the structures.

The multi-family structures are mostly sensitive to termite infestations because of the large number of wood materials required to build it. And since different families are living in there and a lot of people moving in and out most of the time, the destructions often go unnoticed. The damage becomes so extensive that the place must be vacated for demolition or damage repairs.

Another thing that is associated with termite damage or infestations is crop damage. Due to termites increasing population in recent years, many colonies have been produced underneath the farm’s ground. Termites love to eat wood, but they can also get the cellulose they like from plant roots for survival. Because of this, termites can quickly ruin the crops, and you need to call for help already by this time.

Termite’s Life Cycle

Termites have a different life cycle, which is not found in other insects. The queen termites become larger, enough to reach the full maturity every after five years. The queen termite has a designated king for reproduction. They always stay within the nest of their newly formed colony. Once they get matured, the queen termite lays up to 2000 eggs every day and live between 20 to 25 years. This kind of life span is not possible to occur to other insect species.

It is the worker termite’s responsibility to bring the food to the nest, specifically to the soldier termites. The worker’s life span is good for two years only, and after that, they will stop eating anymore. On the other hand, soldier termites are the ones who defend their colony. The biggest threat to the termite colony beside humans is ants. These soldier termites will kill the ants to protect their queen.

Part of the worker insects that produced will possibly turn into a winged termite, even for a short period. By this time, the termites will cluster with each of these flying termites that can perhaps be a queen or a king and create new colonies. Once the new colony is produced, the winged termites will drop the wings and go back to their primary duty as a worker termite.

How to Get Rid of Termites

You must ask for help from professional termite or pest control and extermination services every time you see termite damage or infestation. If you are unsure, call a termite inspection company that offers termite or pest control service to check your place. In Las Vegas, there are many pest control las vegas companies who can do termite inspection in your respective homes. Since Las Vegas NV is presently undergoing termite invasion, it’s about time to get their phone number and ask for an intensive inspection of your home or property.

Never try to do the removal of termite colonies yourself. This insect is smart enough and can protect their nest. If they suspect that their queen termite is under attack, they will put her in a deeper tunnel for protection. The worst thing is that it will trigger the worker termites to start damaging other parts of your home even before you remove them.

There are varieties of methods to remove termites efficiently, and only a termite control or pest control service knows about it. They mostly used a special chemical for pest control or any application processes designed for the effective termite control treatment. To ensure that you are doing the right thing, consider termite inspections to check your place and get the help of trained termite control or pest control service to ensure complete destruction of these termite colonies.

If you are residing in Nevada, it’s not hard to find las vegas termite inspections company or las vegas pest control service because you have a lot of options there, especially in las vegas Henderson. Some pest control in las vegas offers a free check-up of the place first before an intensive home inspection is done. If you can’t find one in your local area, try finding them online and look for a phone number where you can call or contact them for their inspection services.

How To Prevent Termites

To prevent termites from getting inside your home, a termite treatment must be done. Make sure to ask help from a professional inspection company that also offers pest control services. They know exactly what to do with a termite infestation. All you have to do is to call them, and they’ll be of great help. Some companies offer free services during the initial treatment, and it’s nice to invest with them.

As a homeowner, you have your own responsibilities too. Simple fixes of leaky pipes, cracks, and broken roof tiles prevent termites in searching for humidity or warmth area in your home plainly to look for food. These responsibilities are of free of charge because you can do it yourself already. Prevention is always better. But the moment you suspect more massive termite destruction, do not forget to call for help because it will be worth it, giving you peace of mind living in your home.

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