Termite Inspection Cost: How Much will Termite Inspection Cost Me?

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Termite Inspection Cost: How Much will Termite Inspection Cost Me?

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August 12, 2019


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Termites. A word that every homeowner dreads to hear. You didn’t bother to get that termite inspection cost done the year before. The reason for this is because you were absorbed with how everything looked beautiful and you believed you were safe. As days rolled by, you have realized that it has been a very unfortunate mistake. Your short-term money saving has just cost you something even more long-term.

Termite inspections are known to cost between $65 and $100 and Wood Destroying Insect Report comes with most of this inspections. And thousands of expenses are involved if termites are found. Removal of the pests and fixing of the damage they have inflicted is important.

How Often Should I get a Termite Inspection?

Getting annual inspection done on your house and property is a wise choice. Particularly if your house is on the older side. For newer homes, you might escape with getting inspections done every two years. Making a mistake on the side of caution, it is recommendable that inspection is performed yearly.

It is important that the inspection is performed by a professionally-licensed company. This is because they are the experts at finding the damage that has been caused by these uninvited guests. Despite the fact that you can do the inspection yourself, Always remember that you might miss something that a professional would not have overlooked.

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It is said that termites can be even more dangerous to your home than a house fire. Further, they are considered your home’s number one threat. Moreover, termites can destroy your structural posts, walls studs, floors, drywall paperboard, carpet, and then move on to attack your furniture.

The most common species that is known to attack homes are the drywood termites. These termites build their nests inside of your walls and stay out of your view. Hiding and causing their damage in secret gives termites years to destroy your home slowly, and it is also the reason why annual inspections are so important.

Termite Inspection letter

Cost of Inspection vs Treatment

The cost to do the repairs to fix the termite damage could wind up running into thousands of dollars; that cost far outweighs the small costs charged for a termite inspection. So, an annual inspection can run a little over $100 a year, depending on the reputable company you decide to hire. Most of the time, these companies will offer a free, initial termite inspection, and then, if termites are found, will discuss the costs and options associated with treatment, removal, and maintenance.

You want to try to look beyond the cost of the initial inspection and look at the bigger picture. Fumigation for homes can run anywhere from $1000 to $4000. You also have the option of other chemical treatments to use around your home.

Is the Inspection Really Worth the Cost?

In conclusion, extreme damage to your home could involve considerable costs and repairs. Some of these significant repairs include wall removal and replacement, the cost of the materials and labor, the costs for the permits and inspection papers and the costs associated with removing and repairing any damaged framing. The cleanup and debris removal charges, and even the costs involved preparing the work site for termite removal and replacement will also begin to add up. You will even see the costs associated with the chemical treatments, fumigation, or baiting stations.

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All of these costs don’t even include the amount of stress and financial strain you will be under when you see that skipping your last reasonably-priced inspection just cost you thousands of dollars in damages to your home.

It is always a safe bet to have your annual inspections done. Now, we come back to looking at the bigger picture. You spend a small outlay now in order to have the added confidence later that you have done anything and everything you can to protect your home, your investment, and the very roof that protects you and your family.

Some Common Termite Treatments

Repellents are commonly placed in the home and the soil around the home, and this effectively creates a barrier so that the termites cannot invade your home again. Non-repellents are undetectable by termites and are quickly spread within their colony. It is another effective chemical option and will work to decrease the numbers in their population while other treatments can be done.

Termite baiting is a way to eliminate the termites virtually forever. Bait stations are strategically placed around the home underground. The termites take the bait, confusing it for food, and share it with their colony. Before they realize that the “food” is poison, the chemical bait has already spread, killing the termite population. Check out our guide on How to Kill Termites Yourself.

Weigh the costs of treating your home yourself and getting a professional to do it. While it may initially cost more to have a professional treat your home, it greatly benefits you because they are thorough and usually come with a guarantee. If you do it yourself and miss something crucial, the costs will begin to add up every time you have to go back and treat your house again.

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