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Termite Control Phoenix

Termite pest control is a top concern for Arizona homeowners, particularly in Phoenix for a good reason. Termites are already widespread throughout the Phoenix area. The most known termite in the state is Heterotermes Aureus or the popular subterranean termite. They are considered the most damaging termite in Arizona and surrounding areas. If you see termites in your property, taking immediate service or control measures from reliable termite and pest control company is the possible way to prevent rigid structural damage they cause.

Desert subterranean termites are common to newly constructed homes in the Phoenix area. That’s why before pouring the concrete foundation, they are required to give the soil a pretreatment service as a preventative control. But to make sure long-lasting protection of your property, it’s vital to secure a regular pest control inspection or service of your Phoenix AZ home.

Protect Your Home from Termites

When are you going to start protecting your Phoenix AZ home from termites? Most of the time, people are not cognizant of the occurrence of termites. If you are a homeowner, it’s very important to evaluate some factors that affect the safety of your home. Good service from a trained expert in termite control or pest control can perform and assess termite inspection service and pest control measures to protect your Phoenix AZ property.

The pre-treatment barrier control would initially break down, and it leaves your property without any barrier anymore against the damaging pests. The time it gets for the treatment control zone and breaks down lies on certain factors, including:

  • Favorable conditions you can control, such as faucet drips, water leaks, poor home construction, and wood to earth contact
  • Kind of product used for pest control services and pre termite treatment
  • Pretreatment and pest control quality
  • Type of soil where the home was built

Identifying Termite Activity

Desert subterranean termites create new colonies that range to 300,000 and more termites located around your Phoenix home or in soil. The termite colonies feature a mud tube where the termites can access directly to the cellulose. The light brown color of mud tubes can be seen most of the time along with the foundation concrete stem wall. They are using this tube to access every home through cracks and behind wall foundation. That’s why you can’t easily detect them for years even if you acquire a termite treatment service.

A termite inspection that can provide pest control and termite control services to residential and commercial property in Phoenix is the best way to recognize any hints of termite activity. But the result doesn’t happen over time. It needs regular inspections to control termite or any pest present in your residential and commercial homes. It must be followed with immediate termite control or treatment service proven to be effective for extermination and control of termites, even in areas where they can’t be easily seen. The best way you can do is to schedule a free consultation if there’s any available in your area.

Effective Way to Control and Get Rid of Termites

According to one of the reliable pest control in Phoenix, the most efficient corrective and preventative termite control or pest control is to treat the soil first around your property.

There are many pest control company that uses Termidor to control termite. It is an effective product that acts as termite control treatments. Termidor has an excellent non-repellent element which means it can be an undetectable fluid that even termites cannot smell, taste, or see. It is used by many pest control and termite control companies in Phoenix AZ to treat the base of the home or any possible areas around the house where termites mostly enter.

Since this kind of pest is common throughout Phoenix Arizona, homeowners must reestablish the use of possible termite control and pest control treatment as the main defense for your home’s protection. Though this service can never be free, the pest control termite treatments are useful in so many ways. It prevents termite infestation and other problems occur because of the destructive pest.

Some inspection companies around Phoenix Arizona offer a free inspection service or consultation during the initial activity. Some offer it for free to get a good deal and Phoenix AZ homeowners must take advantage of it. If you can’t find or schedule a free consultation service in your area, try searching over the internet because many would response from their customer service support and give you a quote regarding termite control or pest control services you’re looking for. During the initial free inspection service, you must tell everything to your Phoenix pest control team about the termite invasion you are experiencing.

Steps and Chemical Used in Termite Treatment

There are a few questions your service inspector would ask to ensure that they’ll get familiar with the current termite situation you have. Some of these questions include:

  • Is there any termite activity you’ve seen in your own home?
  • If you’ve seen one, where is the activity exactly located?
  • Are you aware of the termite activity your neighbors are experiencing also?

The extent of termite control or pest control is defined during the Phoenix AZ inspection service. It includes classifying the pest infestation, the landscaping types, hardscape around the property, the size of the place that requires pest control service, and a lot of other factors. Some pest treatment service companies do it for free and you’re very lucky if you can schedule a free consultation first before the situation gets real for you. Once the inspection or the free inspection is completed, the service inspector will provide a plan. It includes a detailed proposal of the service activity to be done in your property, the pest control product to be used, and the cost of the pest control. The cost will also depend on which state you belong so if your residence is in Phoenix AZ, expect to receive a different service quote for that when compared to the other states. The pest control team will let you know of the real condition after the pest control treatment has been done.

A pest control service or termite treatment often use Borate. Many pest control professionals or experts recommend the use of the product because they are satisfied with its effectiveness. Borate has been available in the market as a long-lasting pest killer and repellent, especially if it is soaked deep in the wood grain. It can damage existing colonies of termites present in your home and avoid the occurrence of new ones.

Importance of Termite Inspections in Phoenix Arizona

If you are convinced that your home has been infected by termite or pest infestation, it is crucial to consider an inspection service, specifically pest control services. A skillful and highly trained team of inspectors will inspect your property to see signs this pest leaves behind. Sadly, this pest is the number one destructive element in Phoenix AZ, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop yourself from dealing with any economic service and physical destruction the pest can cause. Instead, as homeowners, you could also start with your own free inspection and proven pest control Phoenix plan to eliminate the pest’s nest at home. If you believe that there are fewer damages only cause by this pest, take over and control the situation first. Getting a pest inspection service in Phoenix AZ is a great help but if you are on a tight budget, doing the free inspection yourself might work.

Thinking about the pest control service and treatment cost on infested homes need thorough involvement. In the Phoenix AZ area, the average cost to pest control your home is between $1.75 to $3.00 every linear foot. In total, homeowners in Phoenix AZ pay a price of $558 for an average pest control service and treatment or between $220 to $900 per pest control treatment, depending on the damage and size of the property. On the other hand, extensive infestations or one that required complicated methods or services like fumigation, the cost is between $1,200 to $2,500 and more. If you hire a pest control service and inspection expert, expect that it can never be for free. If you wish to live peacefully in a home without any pest, you must be willing to pay the price of good service, keeping you away from termites. At the end of the day, it would be worth it.

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