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Houston, TX, boasts hot and humid conditions all year-round, making it the perfect place for termites to thrive. The termites that call the Houston area home are insidious and hidden, causing undetected damage to structures around the city. These termites cause more damage to structures in the town than natural causes like flooding and hurricanes, which are common in the area. The annual estimate for termite control and repairing damages is $5 billion.

That is why pest control in Houston is essential to prevent the growth of these pests and minimize costs for the residents. It is better to achieve termite control by doing preventive measures or having an annual termite inspection service than mend damages these pests caused if you want to avoid paying for costly repairs.

Hidden Damages of Termites in Houston

A termite’s secret is its stealth, and without visible signs of a termite infestation, you may be quick to assume that your home is safe from these pests. However, this pest works behind the scenes, feeding off the wooden foundation of your home. The most common termites present in Houston are the subterranean (underground) species of termites, which can grow colonies in massive amounts in a short period, unseen, devouring your property from the inside out. 

People often wait to see visible signs of a termite infestation before doing anything, and this is one of the reasons why they can cause so much undetected damage. By the time most homeowners notice they have a termite problem, it is too late, costing them thousands of dollars in damage.

The best way to avoid paying for expensive repairs and have full termite control on the get-go is to examine your premises thoroughly or have an annual termite inspection service from a local pest control Houston company. 

Common Termite Species in Houston

There are over 4,000 species of termites globally today. The map data from the IRC (International Residential Code), and the US Department of Agriculture, show that the most common species that invade the Houston area are the following.

Subterranean Termites

In Houston, TX, the most prevalent pest that infests a home is the subterranean species. They are the most aggressive and cause the most damage among any termite species. These pests build distinctive mud tunnels to reach food sources and protect themselves from predators. It feeds off wood, causing critical damage to building structures throughout every state in America, except Alaska.

The most common subterranean varieties in the area are the Formosan and the Eastern subterranean species. Below are the differences between the two dominant subterranean species in Texas.

  • Eastern Subterranean Termite

This subterranean species is the most common in the world and has caused untold damages throughout the centuries. A single colony if this pest can include 20,000 to over five million termites and the queens in subterranean colonies can produce between 5,000 and 10,000 eggs annually, making it one of the hardest pests to exterminate in Houston. You can find these pests on the ground level as they thrive in moist soil.

  • Formosan Subterranean Termite

Another common species of termites in the city is the Formosan species. It thrives in warm climates, which is common in the south. Locals call this pest the “super termite” because it is more destructive than the eastern subterranean species. A single colony of this pest can include several millions of termites and can cause immediate damage as they can consume over 13 ounces of wooden materials daily. 

Drywood Termite

The other prevalent species in the south are Drywood termites. They are less aggressive than the subterranean species and have colonies that house up to 2,500 members. They swarm during a sunny day, warm days, or after a sudden rise in temperature, typical in southern states. These pests are the ones that live off wooden materials around your property. 

When you have trouble identifying what termites look like and what species are invading your home. Professional Houston pest control companies offer great service to pinpoint what species is present in your homes and provide you with a map data of where they may build their colonies.

Signs of an Infestation

These pests may be sneaky and may cause undetected damage for long periods, but they tend to leave evidence when they build their colonies. Below are the different signs of an infestation from the most common termite species in Houston. 

Termite Swarms

You can often associate this evidence with the Drywood species, and these swarms come in the form of flying termites. The severity of the infestation will depend on how large it is, the bigger it is, the more massive the colony is. Pest control companies in the area offer a service where they provide map data that shows where these pests may swarm around your property. 

Fecal Pellets

You can also associate this sign of infestation with Drywood species but is not as apparent as swarms. They excrete small fecal pellets or frass and resembles sawdust.  

Damaged Wooden Structures

All termites leave this evidence, and damages on wooden materials are subtle. You can determine if a wooden structure like window sills, tables, chairs, and other wood structures in the home are buckling or worn-down. Damages from this pest on wooden materials also exhibit mildew or mold-like scent. If you have a difficult time distinguishing damaged wooden structures in your home, some pest control companies offer a free inspection service.

Mud Tubing

This evidence is common to the subterranean species because they build their nests in moisture-rich soil. You can find these mud tunnels or earth-mound tubes around the walls or foundations of your home. Their sizes resemble a standard pencil, getting a service from a pest control company allows you to find this sign quickly as it is very distinctive to a trained eye. 

Water Bubbles

If you notice unusual bumps in your home’s paint, this can be a sign of an infestation. You can determine if it is damage done by these pests by poking the paint bubbles and see if there are excrement inside. 

Familiarize yourself with the common signs of an infestation to quickly get complete control and avoid expensive repairs. It prevents the further growth of the colonies of these pests. Hire an inspection service from a reputable pest control company in Houston if you see any of the signs mentioned above to eliminate your termite problem as soon as possible.

Benefits of a Termite Control Service

If you are facing a difficult time dealing with these pests, you can rest easy as there are now several pest control companies in the city that offer great service and are ready to help you deal with your pest issues.

The following are the various advantages of termite control services:

Catch and Eliminate Colonies Early

When hiring a professional service catching termite damage in your home has never been more accessible. It allows these experts to eliminate your pest or rodent issues swiftly, giving you a hassle-free solution.  

Hazard-Free Service

Although you can do termite treatment at home, handling chemicals can become dangerous to your health. Technicians are knowledgeable and know how to use these chemicals when eliminating these pests effectively. If your home needs more potent pest control products, it can become hazardous to your home and family, having a professional service ensures everyone’s safety. 

Affordable Service

Hiring professionals can cost you a few hundred dollars annually, but it ensures the protection of your home and family. Damages from pests can cost you more, and opting for a professional’s service is more cost-effective than repairs.

If you want to protect your home from termites, the best way is to hire a technician in assessing and eliminating these pests quickly. Many companies in Houston offer a pest control service tailored to everyone’s specific needs.

Home Treatment for Termites

If you want to save money from getting a professional service, you can practice home termite treatments to prevent the growth of these pests’ colonies. The best home treatment to eliminate these pests is by doing spot treatment. It is useful for both common species in the area.

Below are the different types of spot treatments.

  • The liquid chemical barrier is a kind of spot treatment that involves the use of conventional liquid pesticides into areas where you think these pests reside. However, most people surround their homes with this chemical, creating a toxic barrier or trench against these pests.
  • Baiting systems are a variation of spot treatment that uses bait stations to eliminate these pests systematically. You can do this home remedy by placing wooden stakes around your home and pour liquid pesticides on it when you see visible damage.

It is easy to mistake termites as an ant because winged termites look like carpenter ants, and you may perform home treatments too late. The best way to avoid infestations is by hiring professionals to guarantee complete extermination of these pests.

The Bottom Line

Houston is located at the heart of the south and is notorious for having some of the hottest conditions in the country. The humid and scorching conditions in the city make it ideal for termites, endangering the commercial and residential structures. Save your property by calling your local pest control Houston company.

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