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Termidor Review

Termite infestation is a serious problem at home. It can destroy an entire house in less than a year. There are plenty of termite treatments available in the market. By why settle for something that’s not completely effective if there’s something that can completely eliminate termites quickly and easily. This is where Termidor comes in.

Why Termidor?

Insecticides on the market are mainly termite repellants. They drive away termites from the treated area but termites can still gain access through your home through small untreated gaps. In as fast as a few months, termite repellants will be ineffective. Termites can easily find another way to break-in into your home. You will face termite infestation again and again, so these products will just end up wasting your time and money.

Termidor is a termite treatment which can protect your home for up to 10 years or more. How? Termidor is a professional, non-repellant product that can kill termites with just a little dose. It doesn’t drive away termites. It invites termites into their deaths instead. Termidor is especially effective because of its Transfer Effect. This means any termite exposed to Termidor can transfer its toxic effect to other termites in their colony. It can kill the whole colony of termites in just 3 months!

Transfer Effect

Termidor is non-repellant. Termites can’t recognize the Termidor’s capacity to kill them. The moment they come contact with the treated area, they become carriers of the chemical which can cause death to other termites in contact with them. Termites are known to be social insects. When the carriers go back to their colonies the Transfer Effect will surely eradicate all of them in a short period of time.

Two Types of Termidor

Termidor SC (Suspended Concentrate) is a liquid type Termidor. It is intended for outdoor use but can be used indoors when applied inside the walls and on the vents. It is usually sprayed around your house in order to prevent termites from reaching your house from the ground. The moment termites come contact with the treated area, there is no way they can make it to your house alive.

Termidor Dust is another form that can be used indoor and outdoor. When applied on infected areas, the termites will carry the dust and other termites coming contact with the infected ones will surely die. Termite Dust is also being used to activate bait traps for termites.

Termidor Termite Treatment

In order to prevent termite infestation, it’s best to apply treatment during construction. Termidor SC can be applied to foundation excavations that are 6 feet deep or more. After construction, Termidor Dust should then be applied to the surrounding areas of the house.

Termidor Toxicity

Used properly, Termidor is relatively safe. However, improper handling of Termidor can be dangerous for humans and pets. Its main ingredient, fipronil, can easily be absorbed through the skin and can be inhaled when the person suing Termidor isn’t using protective gear like gloves or goggles. When exposed to fipronil, you may experience side effect like skin irritation, excessive sweating, vomiting, headaches, stomach pain, and dizziness. Being exposed to fipronil also increases a person’s risk of developing cancer.

Termidor can only be used and applied by pest control professionals who have certifications. Termidor products for people who like to do their own termite treatments are not available for sale. If you want to use Termidor for your house, you’ll need to contact a professional exterminator so the termite treatment would be done properly, safely, and effectively.

What to do when exposed to Termidor?

Here’s the basic first aid for when you’ve been exposed to Termidor.
1. Skin exposure. First, remove all you clothes and other items that came in contact with Termidor like watches, gloves or handkerchiefs. Put the clothes and exposed items in a plastic bag and seal it. Wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and take a bath. Then go to the ER and explain what happen so you can get preventive treatment.
2. Accidental inhalation or ingestion. Stay calm and don’t panic. Leave the area where you’ve been exposed and go where you can get some fresh air. Have someone drive you to the hospital as soon as possible to get immediate treatment.
3. Eye exposure. Rinse your eyes as soon as possible with lots of clean, flowing water. Have someone drive you to the hospital right away for immediate treatment.

Safety Precautions

There are safety precautions you have to consider after treating your home with Termidor. Ask the pest control professional when it will be safe to get near treated areas and what’s the proper way to ventilate your house so fipronil won’t build up in your home.

Even if you’re not using Termidor yourself, you’ll still need to invest in protective gear. When you visit your house while it’s being treated, make sure to wear protective gear like gloves, masks goggles, and cover-all suits. Avoid touching anything or moving anything, it can unnecessarily spread the Termidor and affect treatment. Before going home, always remember to remove your safety gear, put them in a safe place away from children and pets, and to wash your hands and bathe thoroughly before touching anyone or anything in your home.

Treating your home from termite infestations is surely a rough job. Termidor makes it easy for you. Protect your home now and ask your exterminator on how they can save your home with Termidor.

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