Signs of Termite Damage: How to Know if you have Termites in the House?

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Signs of Termite Damage: How to Know if you have Termites in the House?





July 30, 2019


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Info on what kind of damage you can expect if your home has termites. Do you wish to know if your house has been raided by termites? Sometimes you need termite experts to do this, nevertheless you can always do this yourself.

Keep in mind – there are other bugs that also eat wood and can mimic the signs of a termite infestation. You need to consider the possibility that you’ve got one of those instead – especially if you’re seeing stuff that looks like sawdust. Here’s some info on the common ones

There are many signs of termite infestations, but the most common is when there are winged species that are trying to escape the home. They are found around the doors and windows of homeowners, but they may be anywhere outside of their territory. It is also fairly common to see a cabinet myiases of termites have winged pests flutter around the territory. This discovery usually happens during the first days of Spring.

Here’s something you must know: There are some common warning signs that can be observed at any time of year that can let you know that there’s a colony of these pests hanging around. You don’t have to wait until Springtime to find out if you have a termite infestation.

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Bubbled up paintings or cracks are signs termites are destroying the structure internally, so as they approach the surface of it, it causes the paint or coating on the surface to begin to bubble. There might be debris, frass or excrement within the bubbles, which is what the waste of the termite is called. Cracking of walls might also occur in ways that are not usual for foundational cracking.

Timbers that are usually firm and solid begins to sounds void, the outer structure of a cellulose item are often left intact by the termites, busting out the intramurals like a hollow chocolate Easter bunny. A slight hit on the timber leaves a faint echo because of the vibration of sounds

The tubes of termites varies from that of hornet or wasp tubes. Often time, wasps and hornets tend to convene at a spot, but for termites, they escalate reaching exterior walls, wood beams, and crawl spaces.

When it is summer, and you find a few wings displaced in your home, this is also a sign to show that termites are present complete removal of the pest will help stop them from raiding your home.

5 Major Signs of Termite Damage

Your activeness is needed about preventing termites from infesting your home, if found infected then you need ways to kill Termites yourself either through Natural methods, or even applying beneficial Nematodes. Check out these well outlined signs, it will help you know if termites have infested your home.

termite Wood damage

1. Wood damage.

Wooden houses are usually under attack by termites. Most wooden houses comprises mainly of wooden floors, roofs and walls. It is very essential that you always check the floors and other wooden structures to ensure freedom from termites

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Basically, termites damage the woods, they chew it in search of cellulose, this causes the wood to get weak as the year passes which creates structural damage. Always look below the surface of the wood. If you are doubtful then take the help of the specialist as they have proper tools to test termite damage.

Termites Wings

2. Presence of Termites Wings

Discarded wings of termites near windows, door or other little openings in the home are major signs that termite has invaded the arena. Upon getting satisfaction as to where to dig through, termites shed off their wings as they know it would be of no use to them again

The wings of termites are of the same size unlike ant wings. Give it a closer look, check every corner of your house. If you find wings, it therefore means immediate action needs to be taken.

termite Mud Tubes

3. Mud Tubes

Mud-tubes can be found close to trees or sheds or even where the ground connects your house. Termites oftentimes require certain temperature to survive. They will habit at places where there is moisture content.

They make tubes or tunnels so as to prevent cool or dry air from retaining enough moisture. Try to remove a portion of the tube to see if any termites crawl out.

Termites are fast builders, they easily seek for relocation and are quick to build new nests. Quick action is the solution, destroy them, before they destroy your home.

termite infested door

4. Flashlight and Screwdriver

At the basement of any part of your house, check the hollowness or weakness of your wood. Woods are not weak until it is eaten up internally. Use a screwdriver and test for the strength of the wood by forcing it into the wood

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If by doing this, the wood falls out easily it is an evidence to show that termite has raided your home.

Brown Pellets of Excrement

5. Brown Pellets of Excrement

With the help of your flashlight, look for termite excrement. Dark brown pallete or coloured wood may be evidence of termite droppings. Weakened wood harbours more of termites droppings and it therefore signifies termite infestation.

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