Grow a Sacrificial Crop to Stop Slugs

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Grow a Sacrificial Crop to Stop Slugs





August 22, 2019


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One suggestion to stop slugs is having a sacrificial crop. Slugs can be diverted away from the money crop if you have one available. The way that he does it is to enclose 4 lower beds and grow a single row of leaf lettuce for that purpose. Although slugs and snails may come up into the raised beds, they will stay in the lower levels, eating on the lettuce happily.

Professionals say that the primary benefit of growing loose-leaf lettuce is the ability of the lettuce to keep growing, even if the slugs are damaging the crowns.

Plants in pots vs slugs

To protect your potted plants from slugs, smear equal quantities of Vaseline and rock salt around the edge of the pot. Any container-grown vegetables will be kept snail and slug free.

Beneficial Netamodes

Netamodes can be good or bad, however choosing the right sort can really aid your garden. These multicellular animals, if chosen correctly, can eject bacteria inside pest’s bodies and in turn this can be used to eradicate a pest problem in a biological fashion. It’s a complex thing to explain but simple in practice and if you want to know more, check out this post on Gardener’s Path.

What to do about carrot fly

If you have a fairly large scale carrot growing operation, they should be closed in upright 3 foot sections of Enviromesh Carrot flies are not able to reach over 3 feet in height so they won’t get into the carrot bed. You will be harvesting carrots all year long.

If you only have a few carrots in your patch or if you don’t want to build a cage, you can use diluted Olbasoil. This oil is a blend of numerous essential oils, including peppermint, Juniper Berry, eucalyptus, menthol and clove. Three drops can be included in a regular watering can to water the carrots once weekly. You may appreciate the smell but the carrot fly will hate it.

Keep Your Cabbages Free of White Caterpillars

When you look at Adrian’s brassica bed, the one thing you will not see is damage from insects or birds. That is why you can trust his advice on white caterpillarsto keep your patch free of these insects. Simply walk through the rows and check the back of the leaves once a week or preferably, twice a week.

If you begin to see bright yellow eggs on the back of the leaves, squash them with your fingers and continue looking. Even if you happen to miss some and they grow to caterpillars, you can remove them manually.


When you crisscross buzz lines over your beds, pigeons will not be able to access them easily. You can use videotape, because it works better than standard lines. It works better because it is broad and reflective.

Crop to Stop Slugs

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