Pest Control Tips for the Commercial Buildings

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Pest Control Tips for the Commercial Buildings





November 15, 2019


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Roaches crawling on your walls, mites eating away at your furniture, and flies flying all over the place is not a pretty picture for your clients and visitors to see. But to be honest, pests are as much a threat to commercial properties as they are at home. You must agree that not all pest control measures are successful especially when dealing with an infestation.

However, if you catch the problem early and use the right methods, you are bound to regain normalcy at work. When it comes to commercial buildings, a small pest problem can, within a few days, turn into your biggest nightmare.

Even worse, pests are the number one culprits behind serious health complications in humans. If left unchecked, it could lead to staff members asking for frequent sick offs. In the long run, this will negatively affect the company’s bottom line.

So what can you do to deal with this issue once and for all? Here are some valid pest control tips for commercial buildings.

But First, How Do you Know you Have Pests Inside a Commercial Building?

There are tell-tale signs that may indicate the presence of pests at the workplace. But do you know what these signs are? They include,

  1. Droppings
  2. Signs of nesting
  3. Damage to plants
  4. Damage to the property
  5. Missing food or half-eaten food

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Pest Control Tips for Commercial Buildings

Borate Wood Treatment

If you suspect or see pests roaming around in your office building, there are actions you can take to reduce and eventually eliminate them. They include

Drying Off Wet Spots

All kinds of pests get thirsty. As a result, they tend to stay around areas where they can find water. If there’s a leak, idle water, spills, and so on, you’re almost sure to find different types of pests and their nests nearby.

Fix any leaking problems and ensure the area is well dried. This helps keep ants, mites, mice, cockroaches, and rats away. It discourages their existence and makes the entire space less conducive.

Always Empty the Trash

Garbage left in the trash can is like an all you can eat buffet for ants, cockroaches, flies, mice, rats, and other pests. If you don’t want pests anywhere near your office space, you must ensure all the trash cans inside the building are emptied at the end of each day, do not leave them overnight. Arrange for the janitor to clean the trash cans now and then throughout the day if yours is a busy office.

Maintain Hygiene

It is necessary to keep your place of work clean. As a staff member, make your small contribution by keeping your surroundings clean. If you notice something that’s out of place, either get rid of it or ask the janitor to take care of it. When everyone in the commercial building works together to keep their place of work clean, they make it very hard for pests to hide and thrive.

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The main points of focus when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness includes the dining area, the kitchen, and the bathroom areas.

Schedule Regular Inspections and Maintenance

Having little to no experience with pest control, you may be unable to tell that you have a pest problem. And when you do, it may be too late. Leave it to the experts to handle the pest problem. Contact a reputable pest inspection and maintenance organization to take care of any pests invading the commercial building.

This helps catch pest problems early. You will also spend less paying for pest control when the issue is small, as opposed to the huge amount of money spent when the entire building is infested.

Importance of Pests Control in Commercial Buildings

It is a Legal Requirement

According to the health and safety laws in England, you risk closure if you cannot provide a pest-free and safe environment for your workers. Any commercial building is one that is clean, hygienic and rendered safe to work in. If your office building falls short of what is required or stipulated by the law, you could also face penalties and fines of up to £20,000 or charges that could lead to six months imprisonment.


It is clear that the law will not gamble with its people’s lives by allowing them to work in pest infested buildings. When all is said and done, you have more to gain than lose when you own and work in a commercial space that is free of pests.

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Pests can cause serious structural damage to a building. They eat at doors, wires, pipes, furniture, foundations, among numerous other places. Failure to address this problem may lead to immense losses in revenue and repairs.

On the other hand, pests cause serious diseases. Yet you need your staff members to be in tip-top shape to stay productive. The pest control tips featured here will help safeguard your investment and allow you to maintain a positive reputation. For these reasons, pest control is unnegotiable. Contact Pest Exterminators in London for best service, more info at

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