Orange Oil Termite Treatment

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Orange Oil Termite Treatment

Homeowners who are having termite infestations but are environment-sensitive look for other solutions that are friendly to the environment as well as to humans and animals. Because of their desire to choose greener pest control methods, new products have emerged in the market today.

One of the products used that is environment friendly and is said to be an effective method to eliminate termite infestations is the orange oil treatment.

What is Orange Oil Treatments?

Orange oil is an extract derived from orange peels and has been known to be used as a food additive or a cleaning agent. It is composed of a main active ingredient called D- Limonene, an effective element to kill termites and some other types of pests.

An orange oil treatment can kill a termite upon contact and destroys its eggs. This also breaks down the exoskeleton of the termites. Orange oil treatments are very deadly to termites and can be an effective treatment for a termite infestation.

Aside from being friendly to the environment, this product does not need the household members to move out during the termite treatment process, and tenting is also unnecessary.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Orange Oil Treatments

Using orange oil treatment to get rid of a termite infestation has its advantages and, at the same time, disadvantages. Try to weigh the options before deciding to go ahead with this type of termite treatment.

Some of the advantages of using orange oil termite treatment are that it is not harmful to animals and humans and is less toxic than other fumigation methods. It effectively treats drywood termites and different kinds of pests such as wood-boring beetles and carpenter ants. Orange oil termite solution is not effective though for subterranean termites as these species don’t live in the wood but rather in the soil, unlike drywood termites, which colonize the wood.

The use of orange oil does not require family members and pets to leave the house during the treatment. It also doesn’t harm the plants, so there is no need to remove them while the house is being treated. There is also no need to keep medicines and food. Another good thing about this method is that it does not cause damage to the roof tiles.

Although this product is generally safe, you should never ingest it. It is also important to note that long exposure to orange oil results in lung irritation, nausea and vomiting, skin and eye irritation, or more other symptoms.

Another essential fact about this type of treatment is, it is combustible and flammable as soon as it has been injected into the wood. The effectiveness of orange oil to treat a termite infestation is limited because to achieve results, it must be in contact with the drywood termite. Infestations that are not detected will not see any results from this method.

Also, a downside to this type of service is that holes need to be drilled into the walls of your home as well as into the other wood elements in your house. One treatment of orange oil will not work to exterminate the whole drywood termite colony; instead, it needs several treatments to work and achieve the best outcome.

If the drywood termite infestations are bigger, it may also be more costly than another fumigation way. Treatment of termite infestation using orange oil would also not address future infestations as it is only best for the existing ones.

Process For Termite Treatments Using Orange Oil

Before the orange oil treatment, the first step of the process begins with the pest control specialist doing an inspection of the whole house. This is done to know what species of termite has built a colony in your home. As soon as the pest control expert already knows the extent of damage and has identified the species, you can leave the exterminating job to them, or they can then suggest the right solutions in how to get rid of the colony.

If drywood termites are found, you can use the orange oil solution on it. To do this, the exterminator needs to drill a hole into the wood where the orange oil will be injected. This oil will then be spread throughout the wood beams and will pass through the porous cells. The treated wood or timber with orange oil will exterminate all the detected infestations and all the termites that it has come in contact with.

When the treatment is done, the holes in the wood would then be patched and re-painted. Though the use of orange oil works, its effectiveness is certainly limited. It can be a good option for termite control, but the entire home’s fumigation may still be the best way to eliminate a colony effectively. Apart from termites, it also works to kill crickets, wasps, cockroaches, ants, flies, spiders, etc.

In the fumigation process, all areas of the house are treated one time altogether. A chemical is used, which will penetrate through all the areas such as the floor, wood, walls, and other infected surfaces.

How Orange Oil as a Termiticide Came About

It was during the 1930’s time in California when researchers started using an arsenic chemical to treat infestations of termites that were active. Though this was effective, they found that it did not have good effects on humans and animals as it was toxic for them. Because of this fact, many new methods were tried out and tested.

Eventually, these researchers from California found a natural component that is not toxic for people and animals through orange oil. Along with this element, D- limonene is a chemical that kills many types of pests, including certain types of termites and weeds. Limonene breaks down the insects’ cell membranes and exterminates them as a result of large losses of protein and water.

To note, the Agriculture and Natural Resources Department of the University of California doubts its efficacy. But even if they don’t share the same view about the effectiveness of this solution, it would still be worth trying, especially that it is less toxic for both humans and animals and it does not harm the environment.

Though orange oil would not totally eradicate the colony of termites, and even if its effect is not as strong as the other pesticides, it is still a good option for termite control because it is less hassle for the homeowners as they do not have to leave home during the treatment process.

If you like to try out this option to eliminate the termites in your home, just know that it is not a preventative solution and that you would need re-application, especially if there are new colonies of termites present on your property.

Customers who wish to have a property inspection can simply call to book an appointment or send an email if they have further inquiries. Customers who notice any sign of termites should book for an inspection immediately to assess their property.

There are many types of solutions to exterminate termites, and you can choose the option you like and would be comfortable with. Customers can give us a call or send an email anytime to have the right advice.

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