Best Parasitic Nematodes for killing Termites and Pests

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Best Parasitic Nematodes for killing Termites and Pests

No householder wishes for termite infestation. As little as they seem, they can be very destructive and will quickly claim your home to themselves if unknowingly given the chance to. Their continuous feeding and burrowing can rack up hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damages.

It is vital to take note of your termite control options the moment you first notice an infestation. Immediate action is the key to getting the problem fixed before it escalates.

One of the safest and most effective methods of controlling termites is the use of beneficial nematodes. These microscopic roundworms penetrate termites and other insects. They use them as food parasitically until they die.

Beneficial nematodes are natural ways to get rid termites easily, this way, you or your family are not put at risk

Parasitic Nematodes for killing Termites

About Nematodes

Beneficial nematodes are naturally-occurring microscopic roundworms. They live in different habitats around the world.

Nematodes are very efficacious at household pest control because they contain a gut bacterium. Upon entry, (through the mouth, anus, or body wall), nematodes release this symbiotic gut bacterium. The bacterium poisons the blood of the pest, causing it to die very fast.

Why Are Nematodes Beneficial?

The benefits of nematodes are vast and shouldn’t be taken lightly. They include:

1. 100% Natural

Nematodes do harm humans, pets, or plants when compared to fumigation and poisoning.

2. Effective

Nematodes are among the most successful methods of controlling termites. They don’t relax after killing just one termite, rather they feed and multiply inside the dying pest before moving on to others.

3. Long-Lasting

The creatures breed and multiply after the first application, ensuring they keep killing termites a long period of time.A small batch of nematodes will prove effective for a long time.

4. Fast-Acting

Nematodes destroy termites in a short time as 24 hours. Except on rare occasions, the process takes less than 48 hours to accomplish.

5. Kill Other Pests

Nematodes are not just made for termites only, they also kill a variety of other common household pests.

How Do Parasitic Nematodes Work?

Parasitic nematodes are parasitic roundworms. As mentioned above, they penetrate the host insect’s body (in our case, a termite) and begin feeding on it instantly. During feeding, bacteria is released from the nematode’s gut. The termites suffer from blood poisoning caused by the bacteria and die instantly.

As the nematodes kill and consume the pest, they move on to their next victim. During the whole process, breeding and multiplying occur. Nematodes do not only help control invasive termite populations, but they also aid in keeping other common household pests at bay.

Are Parasitic Nematodes Effective Against Termites?

Yes, nematodes are very effective against termites. They are the most successful method of natural termite control. They kill and dispose of termites through the process outlined above. When all termites and other pests have been killed, nematodes die and rot away in the soil.

Beneficial nematodes are as effective against German cockroaches, flies, ants, and fleas as they are against termites.

Nematode Application, Handling, and Storage

One feature of beneficial nematodes is how easy they are to use.

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Though there are several methods of application, the simplest is to mix them with water and then apply with a spray bottle. After identifying signs of termite infestation, Simply drop your beneficial nematodes into a pail of water. Shake well to mix the nematodes up. Let the solution rest for a few minutes before putting it into your spray bottle.

Spray the content of your spray bottle on any area where you’ve noticed the presence of termites. Focus mostly on your yard and garden as this is where termites tend to originate. Your beneficial nematodes will instantly spread from the termites in your garden to those in your home. Be sure to spread the solution evenly across all surfaces.

Sometimes nematodes can find it difficult to establish themselves in a new environment at first instance. To achieve your aim, spray termite-infested areas once daily for at least two weeks. This will ensure that all termites and their eggs are destroyed.

Some these are the basic rules for using beneficial nematodes, it is necessary to always follow specific packaging instructions carefully. Make sure to also follow handling and storage too

For storage, refrigerator is a safe storage medium for most nematodes. Do use a freezer to this effect. Use the nematodes within one month of receiving them for the best results. Do not store your nematodes in your mixing bucket or spray bottle.

Avoid the application of fertilizers for at least two weeks after applying nematodes. The creatures are prone to damage from most fertilizers, especially those of high nitrogenous content. If you want your nematodes to kill off your termite infestation, it’s best to put off the idea of fertilizing till later.

The Best Beneficial Parasitic Nematodes

Not all nematodes are created the same. There are different species and varieties available. It’s important to be on the lookout for those are actually effective for controlling termites.

Search for nematodes that are sold specifically for termite control. Though they’ll likely still prove effective, those being sold to destroy other household pests shouldn’t be your best choice.

We recommend Natures Good Guy’s Beneficial Nematode blend.

It’s also important to order nematodes for delivery to your home. Nematodes simply don’t last for very long in storage. There’s a probability that nematodes bought from a store are dying or already dead. Don’t gamble with your money

Find a trusted supplier of nematodes. It’s almost always best to pay a little extra for a higher quality product. Not only are these nematodes more effective, but they’ve also likely been treated better during storage.

Hiring a Professional

Self-application of nematodes for termite control is almost always effective. Only in some cases, should you hire the help of a pest control analyst.

The situation in which you should do so is severe raiding. Your pest control analyst will use specialized application techniques to make sure the nematodes are as effective as possible. They might also combine beneficial nematodes with other termite control techniques.

Other Termite Control Options

There are different species of pest control options to try if killing termites with nematodes fails. Need to hire an exterminator? Get a free estimate online from top local home service pros in your area.

Though beneficial nematodes are highly successful at controlling termites, there are some situations in which they just don’t work at all. If this is the case, the following termite control methods might prove more effective, read them here.

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