Natural Termite Control

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Natural Termite Control

Termites can destroy your home if you are not keen enough to check the parts of your house that may be attractive to termites. It will not take long for them to chew through beams and cause severe damage. Getting your home a regular checkup for pest control can prevent extensive damage, and this service will save yourself a lot of money.

Natural Termite Control

If you see where the termite infestation started, such as in the piles of wood in your crawl space or firewood near your house, you may consider using some natural treatments to eliminate and prevent further destruction, instead of getting a professional termite control service. Here are a few natural ways and treatments you can use that work on pest control.


Nematodes are worms that feed on termites. You can buy nematodes or these parasitic worms online or in specialty shops. Release them to the areas where you suspect there are termite nests, and they will do the work. The nematodes are an efficient form of pest control; they reproduce and will continue to search for termites until they are completely gone. 


Vinegar is known to be a great tool; almost every home has. It is not only used for cleaning the kitchen and shower, but it can kill termites. By mixing a half cup with juice from two lemons, you can create a termite killer. Put it in a spray bottle and spray the solution to the area you suspect the pests might be thriving.


Both borax and boric acid are known as borates. Sodium borate or borax powder cannot only wash your laundry but can also be utilized as a treatment kill termites. You can sprinkle the powder, or you can mix it with water and spray over the affected area. Once the termites ingested the boric acid from the borax, it will kill them. To ensure you are reaching the whole colony, you reapply the solution.

Orange Oil

Orange oil is made of d-limonene, which can be deadly to termites. The oil comes from the orange peels which you can buy from a home improvement or garden store. It affects the pests by dissolving their exoskeletons, causing them to lose moisture and proteins to die. You can spray the orange oil directly to the termites and to the area you are expecting them to thrive. You can also use it to deter them from coming into the area. Hence, regular spraying will keep your homes free from pests.

Wet Cardboard

Termites like and get attracted to two things: water and cellulose. Put water to cardboard, and you will be giving them a feast. If you think your house is infested by termites, making this cardboard bait will prove your suspicion. If they did come out to eat the pieces of cardboard, you can take it away and burn it, killing all that are feeding on it.


Termites hate sunlight. They die when they are exposed to the sun. If the termite has infected your furniture, you can drag it out to bake in the sun for a bit. During summertime, it will not take too long for all those unwanted pests to leave your furniture termite-free.

Diatomaceous Earth

This natural product can be a treatment to eliminate many kinds of pests, including termites. The process may take a few hours to days, depending on the condition of the infestation and the location of the infected area.

Perimeter Barrier

The perimeter barrier can be put up while the house is being built. But if you have not, you can still install one although it will need much effort. You have to dig around your home to put a barrier in the ground; it can keep the subterraneans from tunneling their way to your home.

The use of natural products is one of the great and effective ways to keep termites out of the houses in the United States, and at the same time to protect an investment. These treatments best work for small and isolated infestations of termites like a new infestation in a piece of furniture or a pile of wood that you want to stop the damage before it gets serious. However, if an existing infestation like termites has infested it for years, it will be difficult to treat by yourself. You need to ask for help from an expert pest control and exterminator. You can still ask help from an expert and still receive natural termite treatments that are effective when it comes to pest control plan.

How to Get Rid of Termites With Vinegar

As a homeowner, if you suspect that termites are living and breeding on your property, it can be a severe problem. The best solution is to call help from termite control experts. If you are not able to hire a pest control service, you can resort to natural termite killers. One of the best-known natural home remedies to kill termites and their colonies is using vinegar. Some homeowners prefer to get rid of termites by themselves using the eco-friendly and easy-to-use home remedy for pest control. You can apply the solution to control termites in four ways.

  • In its pure form.
  • Dissolved in water at 1:1 ratio
  • Mixed with lemon juice (from 2 lemons)
  • Mixed with olive oil at 1:4 ratio

The second and third methods are effective in eliminating the termites that are currently visible. The solutions will keep other wood-consuming pests from coming to the treated areas and mud tubes. Spray the areas and corners of the house or building, or look for areas where they might be thriving and making way into your home. The mixture will soak the holes and cracks and kill the termites with vinegar and lemon juice.

Termite infestation had been a problem for homeowners in many years. The Subterraneans bring about 80-90 percent of all the termite problem. They attack anything made of wood, which includes fencing and timber, and flowers and crops. Although termite problem is common in the USA, killing these pests is an urgent matter for homeowners. It is a potent solution that can treat termite issue using these steps.

  • Step 1. Mix a half cup with juice from two lemons. Using spring battle, spring it directly to the infected areas.
  • Step 2. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray the entry holes or termite mounds that you find. You can also apply it to surfaces that are made of wooden structures.
  • Step 3. Check to see if the termites have been entirely eliminated if not, then you repeat the process.

Retreat the Area

It usually takes 3-4 weeks for the solution to kill termites naturally, and it depends on how severe the infestation is. Let it take its full effect for up to 3 days. Sometimes, it would be difficult to get rid of all the members of the colony, so you have to retreat the area to enhance its effect and eliminate the entire colony.

What Smell Do Termites Hate

Over a hundred species of termites exist in the world, but only four of them live in the United States, subterranean, dampwood, drywood and powerpost. But, subterraneans are responsible for common damage about 95% of them. However, regardless of the variety, having termites in your home is a problem. Fortunately, natural pesticides and repellents are available, which are the best and effective treatments.

Cinnamon, Other Essential Oils

Cinnamon oil is an effective treatment in repelling termites. But besides from cinnamon, vetiver oil has been proven that it has a stronger scent that can repel termites. Other oils that perfectly work against termites are pesticides, neem oil, tea tree, clove bud, , garlic, and cedarwood. According to Journal and Agricultural and Food Chemistry, garlic, neem oil, and clove bud oils are the most effective for killing insects.

Using Essential Oils

You can spray the oil directly to termites or apply it in full strength to the area. Some oils, however, can be utilized in fumigation, like orange, neem oil and tea trees. If you are spraying the oil directly to termites, use 4 drops per gallon of water, or you can add more if you want a concentrated solution. You can do more than one application.

Termite Treatment and Termite Control

For active infestation, get a pest control service company to do the work, especially for subterraneans. One of the many factors that may affect the treatment method is the construction of the house, like a slab or basement. Home treatments keep termite problems from coming back again is less prone to error than treating an ongoing infestation. You can find professional termiticides and bait systems to assist with the control and treatment process.

Do It Yourself Termite Control

There are two major techniques of termite control service and treatments. First is the liquid termite insecticides or termiticides for barrier and soil treatment, and next is using the termite baiting systems. But some people use both methods.

Liquid Termiticides

Barrier termite control and treatments are designed to prevent them from entering the house or structure. It also prevents termites from getting into the soil once they are inside the structure to get the moisture that they need to survive.

If you choose a liquid pest control method, you will have faster results, and you can use the mixture close to the termite infestation. If you have an existing termite problem, apply the termiticide to the infested area, which sometimes may require drilling. Drilling might be difficult, but once you can pump the solution to set up the barrier, you can stop further destruction to your property.

Termite Baits

Termite baits have different forms, you can inject chemicals into the soil, or you can place the bait directly above the ground or around outside the structure. The termites will die from eating the bait. However, the baiting systems are changing at any time, so make sure to get yourself updated on the latest methods.

Termite baits are used to exterminate and control them if the structure is untreatable with soil termiticides or the area has concerns about the use of pesticides.

In Summary

The best and effective way to treat a problem is to make sure that it never occurs. So instead of trying to find ways to get rid of termites, focus on prevention by making sure that they don’t come inside or make their way into your property. Start by keeping the wood, cardboard, and other cellulose source materials away from your home. Also, make sure that your crawl spaces are dry and clean, the same with your firewood stacked up if there is any or untreated mulch by your door. Make sure to keep moisture out of your home through proper ventilation and proper drainage in the landscape out of your houses.

But if an infestation is currently happening, it would be difficult to treat by yourself. You need to ask for help from a professional termite control or an exterminator service provider. It is because termites can dig into spaces that you cannot see and reach. One of the best solutions would be to get a professional pest control service.

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