How To Prevent Termites by Using Preventive Products or Naturally

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How To Prevent Termites by Using Preventive Products or Naturally





August 9, 2019


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Firstly it is very necessary that any easy food sources for them be removed, after putting up proactive prevention such as screens, sand, and removing termite feeding sources, it is of great importance that a home plumbing performance adequate. Any mistake even that of a water leak from the plumbing can become an effective homing beacon for termites. In as much as these pests feed on cellulose materials, water is also of great importance to them. But without the presence of water, there won’t be termites.

What happens if it rains regularly? In as much as you can’t stop the rain, the pooling up of water around a foundation should be prevented. It is important to take action to eliminate any standing pools of water that develop after every rainfall, it is important to note that wherever water congregates will also be where the termites will congregate.

Cleaning out your gutter system is also important. The leak of a Clogged gutters will create a water source right near the foundation of a home. Consider installing gutter system especially if the gutter system freely expels water into the yard. Or you can use basins instead to create a direct drainage system for the precipitation instead of creating wet spots in the yard.

Having a good air flow throughout a home is also very important. A Good air circulation helps prevents moisture build-up and it helps to naturally prevents termites from forming a colony. This is important especially around the bathroom of a home. Venting fans installation at the highest location of the ceiling also helps because hot air with water vapor rises to prevent moisture from lingering along the walls and also prevent the dampness that termites are going to crave.

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Borate Wood Treatment

Products for Termite Prevention

The market today has provided many products that will effectively help any house owner eliminate termites threat. Many of them have been made available for the cost of having a local pest control professional to assist in treating the affected property professionally. In case of a situation having discovered that your home is already Infested by Termites then it is important to Check out the best Insecticides for killing Termites. Below are the best, proven DIY termite prevention solutions with effective results.

1. Spectracide Terminate Stakes

These stakes can be installed around the property in just minutes. With One package containing 15 stakes and can last throughout the season once installed. It is important that Most homeowners change these stakes out 2x per year. When the stakes detect termite activity, they’ll pop out of the ground for you to know the location of an active colony. It kills foraging termites and then you can use other techniques to eliminate stubborn colonies.

2. Ortho Home Defense Max

These are Guaranteed to keep termites away for 5 years in treated areas, this DIY solution is known to be perfect for around home foundations and stored lumber. It’s known to be available in trenching and non-trenching formats and 32 gallons of spray can be made from a concentration solution. Bifenthrin is an active ingredient, this ingredient is similar to many professional solutions. Not only does it kill the termites, it also stops them from coming back, and a 16 oz bottle of concentrate is available for around $20. Which is a good value.

3. Termidor Foam

This interior foam is an effective solution, especially when you need an indoor solution for a termite infestation. It can be used immediately and works effectively in wall voids and spot treatments on tough subterranean infestations. The application of this treatment in restaurants and other food or feed handling buildings has been approved, so virtually it can work in any home in helping to eliminate a tough termite problem. Endeavor that the void is sealed up after the application of a treatment however, to prevent pets and kids from getting into it. Because One can of foam goes a very, very long way.

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Natural Termite Control Methods

If you’ve already taken other preventative measures, and don’t like the idea of a chemical solution and still have termites, then here are some natural controls that are effective in eliminating colonies pretty easily. Be sure to use this guide to plan your system of attack if you want to prevent Termites effectively. A single colony can cause several thousand dollars of damage to a home. It is advisable to take action today so that tomorrow, your home can be prevented from termite infestation, always remember to check out other Termite killing products incase you’re already infested by termites.

1. Use a wet cardboard trap.

The availability of corrugated boxes in your garage or storage closet, are the perfect termite trap. Wet that cardboard down and place it near where you suspect a termite colony. Once you discover the pests feeding off of the cellulose in the box, then you can remove it and burn it.

2. Let the sun work its magic.

Sunlight exposure typically kills termites. exposing a colony to bright sunlight during the day, will lead to a typical death. If you Place infested furniture in the sunlight outside it will promote termite death. UV lights that replicate sunlight may also work in case the sunlight isn’t an option for you. It is important to clear away brush, roots, and landscaping items in order to expose the colony to light.

3. Use nematodes.

Parasitic nematodes are worms and they find termites to be a delicious dinner. These can also be found in many stores, including online stores. You can check out the best nematodes for killing Termites.

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4. Remove mulch from around the home.

Mulch to a termite is like walking into a restaurant. Apart from it being made of cellulose, mulch retains moisture very effectively especially when it gets wet. But just removing mulch from around a home can eliminate an entire termite threat sometimes.

5. Flooding Kills Termites

Drown the termites can help to get rid of them. If you see small mud-tubes created in your garden then dig it through and flood that area. you can naturally get rid of them this way.

6. Salt Kills Termites

Salt is also an effective and natural method to kill termites. You can Just fill a jar with equal part of salt and warm water. Make it very salty. Take a syringe and fill in with the salty water. Inject it into all the affected areas. And watch the termites die out of dehydration.


Despite the fact that these methods work on a 99% rating, it is professionally advised that every Homeowner gets involved in any affordable Termite Inspection Service available, Always getting an annual inspection done on your house and property is also a good idea. Especially if your house is on the older side.

Also endeavor to have a professionally-licensed company carry out the checks. The reason for this is because they are experts especially when it comes to finding the damage that has been caused by these uninvited guests. Not disputing the fact you can do the inspection yourself, it is important to remember that you might miss something that a professional would not have overlooked. Read More about Termite Inspection Here.

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