Health Effects Of Termites: Are Termites Harmful to Adults, Babies & Pets?

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Health Effects Of Termites: Are Termites Harmful to Adults, Babies & Pets?





August 13, 2019


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Most times when people worry about the risk involved termite infestations, they think about the effects of the termites in their home, Termites represent a hidden danger to our houses: they possess the ability to destroy all wooden structures and furniture in 3-5 years, causing a house unfit for human habitation. It is very important to note that termites can affect human health which makes the fight against infestation necessary.

There are common questions: “are termites harmful to humans?”, “can termites cause health problems?“, “can termites harm humans?“, “what do termites do to humans?“, “are termites bad for humans?“, You will find in the article.. though no direct threat is posed to every individual, they can still have negative effects on human health.

Termites and Possible Health Issues

Termites may bite and sting, note that these wounds are not toxic, their stings can be very painful and even causes constant itching and swelling of tissues. Neither does termites don’t carry any disease harmful to humans. However, allergic reactions or even asthma attacks might be experienced by people who live in termites infested homes. People, who are already affected by various kind of allergy, can experience moderate severe allergy to fatal outcome induced by pulmonary edema.

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Low ventilation systems such as heating can equally contribute to irritating particles and dust from termite nests being spread. Some people may be allergic to termite saliva or droppings. Although preventing termites is not really an essential step in personal health protection, taking caution can lower the risk of unwanted health problems.

UPDATE: in some cases, termites cause myiosis (diseases of human and animals, caused by pests). With that, Mechanical transfer of infectious agents is possible. These insects can be held responsible for occasional rare parasitism in human.

In some described cases, these insects crawled into the middle ear and trigger earache and noises in the ears. Termites are capable of attacking the intestines. In this case, abdominal pain can be experienced. Termites are also found in the feces (which may be bloody with mucus).

health Effects Of Termites

The Health Risks of Pesticides

For most people, the greatest health risks associated with a termite infestation doesn’t come from the termites, but from the chemicals that may be used to get rid of them. Some homeowners may not consider how isolated the chemical application site is from the rest of the home. Other homeowners won’t give time for chemicals to fade before they re-enter the home. Anyone suffering from termite infestation should consider hiring a pest control expert in other to ensure safe application of chemicals.

What Diseases Termites Can Cause?

Here you can see how are termites harmful, read about harmful effects of termites on humans

1. Asthma

Asthma is a common long term inflammatory disease of the lungs airway. It’s characteristics is variable and recurring symptoms, reversible airflow obstruction, and bronchospasm.

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Symptoms may also include episodes of wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. Sometimes, asthma is caused by mold spores inside a house.

2. Contact dermatitis

A skin reaction resulting from exposure to allergens or irritants. Rash has limitation to certain areas of the skin and has clearly defined borders. In case of allergic reaction, the first exposure to the allergen (or in some cases the first few impacts) does not trigger inflammation, but constant exposure causes itching and dermatitis even develops in the period of 4 to 24 hours.

3. Allergies

High-quality type sensitivity to certain substances (allergens) responsible for a certain condition involving (tearing, red spots, coughing, sneezing and so on.). If a person suffers allergy reaction on mold or termites’ frass then decongestant medicine should be taken according to the instruction. Wash itching skin areas with cold water and soap. Consult a doctor

Are Termites harmful to the health of Pets?

Yes, termites harmful to pets in terms of stings and can cause dermatitis. If a termite stings your pet, before going to a vet, give the pet a human decongestant medicine in half dose (depends on a size of a pet). Besides, if the stung area experiences swelling and causes pain to your pet, make a cold compress soaked in saline with household soda. Prevent your pet from licking the compress away.

In case of dermatitis being contacted, the first aid is the same. Prevent your pet from scratching an affected skin area, medicine collar can be used in this situation. Endeavor to provide a pet with constant access to water. Cool shower is also a good idea. Avoid decongestant lotions – they can worsen the situation, besides it can cause poisoning if licked by your pest.

termites harmful to humans

How to Protect Yourself When There Are Termites Inside Your House?

Several safety measures can protect you against health risks caused by termites:

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1. Ventilation and airing.

Be conscious of ventilation system of your house, there should be passable airways for air, air grids should always be clean.

To increase the air intake, always air your house by leaving windows or vent lights open for 4-5 hours a day.they can be left open for an entire day in summer. Such measure will bring fresh air inside a house and decrease the level of humidity. Remember, that termites are attracted to damp and stuffy rooms.

2. Cleaning and mopping.

During your normal clean up activities in your home, always clean all house surfaces with vacuum cleaner. So in case of termites’ frass, you won’t touch it and contact skin problems Endeavor to replace vacuum cleaner bags regularly.

During cleaning, Always pay close attention to window sills, window frames, doorways, ceiling and floor plinths, furniture and wall surfaces. They should be perfectly clean all the time. Wet cleaning and mopping that follow vacuum cleaning, should be done very thoroughly at least 2 times a week. You can use special disinfecting chemicals based on chlorine, or use bleach for closes.

Such a solution for wet cleaning will not only take away termites frass, but also eliminate mold and it spores. Again, a mixture of water and pet shampoo based on permethrin can be made, it is a very strong insecticide. After thorough cleaning with pet shampoo, house surfaces will be toxic for termites for about 2-5 days.

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