Flying Termites: Features & Swarming Season of Winged Termites

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Flying Termites: Features & Swarming Season of Winged Termites

Winged termites or “swarmers” are not species of termites; instead, they are part of the termite caste. Their role in the termite caste is to reproduce termites. They have wings because their roles are to find nesting places to lay their eggs. Most people would mistake them with the winged ants, but if you look at termites pictures they almost do resemble ants with wings. The distinguishing factor is that the ants have three distinct body parts which are the thorax, head, and abdomen, while the winged termites have only ahead and a long body.

Flying Termites – Described

Winged termites are about ¼ to 3/8 inch in length. Their colors vary from black to yellow. They have four equal-sized wings that have the varying color of smoke gray to brown. The wings extend beyond the length of their bodies. They are also called “swarmers” because they go out in large numbers. They are usually visible during springtime and after rain showers.

Swarmer termites only keep their wings for a short period of time. After a certain time, the wings break from the base and are discarded by the termites. Hence, one of the things that you should look out for if you have termite infestations are these wings near your windowsills or other cracks within your house. This is a sign that there is already a termite infestation within your home.

Flying Termites – Sign of Trouble

If you are able to detect flying termites in the vicinity of your home, then it is almost sure that there is a termite infestation within your home. Their presence shows that there are termite colonies nearby. These winged termites come out seasonally, mostly in the fall and spring when the temperature is warmer. The presence of the winged termites serves as a red flag for homeowner to start checking for termite infestation in your homes. The flying termites are the beginning of the infestation so it is also the time to find about termite control.

Termite Control

Technically, swarmers are harmless; they are not the ones who directly destroy your wood structure. But you can also prevent them from coming in your homes. These swarmers are attracted to light; they will enter a structure through cracks or holes. To prevent them from entering your home, you need to turn off the light. You also need to cover holes and cracks from your homes to prevent them from getting inside.

Termite Treatment

After dealing with the winged termites, the next thing that you need to tackle is the termite colony itself. There are different termite treatments that you can use to get rid of them. You also have two choices, you can have a DIY or you can find a pest control company that will handle your termite infestation problems. It will be your choice depending on your financial capacity.

If you opt for the do-it-yourself termite treatment, there are many termite control products that you can choose from. Of course, you will also need to ask for advice on how each termite products are used. You also have to do the necessary precautions so that you will not harm yourself and the environment unnecessarily.

If you choose to hire a pest control company, then there are also many companies that you can choose from. Although you also have to caution yourself because there are also companies that may just get your money but not totally eradicate your termite problem.

The termite treatments would vary depending on the degree of infestation your home is suffering from. The pest control company will discuss you the different options. The first thing that they will advise is that they need to have your home inspected for the termites. Sure, you may have some evidence about the winged termites but the most trusted pest control company would prefer to be sure than let your money go to waste.

If the pest control company is able to conclude that there are really termites in your home, then the termite treatment options will be discussed. Depending on the degree of the infestation, the pest control company can offer you termite treatments that range from baiting, fumigating, and other termite treatment procedures that can be done to save your home from termite infestation.

Termites are insects that need to be treated seriously. They may be tiny but they can wreak havoc to our homes. They can destroy what took us years to buy. So, it is best that we are always alert when it comes to termite infestation. If we already see winged termites within the vicinity of our homes, then we have to alert the pest control company. As homeowners, we also need to be vigilant and take for granted that these winged termites will disappear and transfer to other locations. So, if you want to protect your homes from termites, start with watching out for these flying termites.

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