Causes of Termites infestation: What Brings Termites to your Home?

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Causes of Termites infestation: What Brings Termites to your Home?





July 30, 2019


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Termites are very much an irritable pest. They can raid and damage a home completely in a shortest possible time . Because they feed mainly on wood, paper, wallpaper, carpeting and other fibrous materials, every home is prone to their damaging effects, except preventative measures are taken to discourage infestation. While termites are associated to wood, there are other factors that may lead to a termite infestation too. Below are some things you need to know about the causesof termites in your environment

Causes of Termites infestation

1. Moisture

Termites are attracted to places of moisture accumulation everywhere around your home, including damp basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms and leaky foundation walls. Subterranean termites, who build their colonies in the earth, are attracted to moisture. Stagnant water in or around your home’s foundation creates an avenue for these termites. Broken pipes are not just plumbing issues, they should be addressed before creating a loop hole for termite infestation. Roofs and gutters of your home should be properly cleaned and proper drainage systems should be established. Lastly, do a foundational check on your building and ensureproper ventilation.

Note that, trimming back or removal of any landscaping could allow humidity to build up in your home’s crawl space.

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2. Wood

Termites can feed on any kind of wood-mulch, rotting wood, new wood, painted wood, treated wood but definitely not nematodes . They even feed on wallpaper and shelf paper.

3. Foliage

Undressed timbers, plants and foliage around your environment may attract termites. Foliage and wood mulch should be kept at least 28 inches from your home’s foundation create difficulty of entry for termites and other destructive pests.

4. Air

Standing, wet air in your home provides the best breeding ground for termites, keeping the air circulating and dry is necessary to ascertain that they are avoided. For easier ways of avoiding damp air, electric fans can be staged in areas that attract moisture, ventilate areas that remain consistently moist, such as the bathroom, laundry room, attic empty flower pots and other pools of standing water, and the basement.

5. Renovation

After renovating your home, do ensure that all scrap lumber and other renovation equipments no longer valuable are burnt to avoid infestation.

6. Earth

Any portion of your home is in direct contact with the soil or plant material is prone to termite infestation. All all foliage, soil and mulching should be kept at least 28 inches from your home’s foundation.

7. Mulch

Wood mulch is always attractive to termites. Use little or no mulch around the foundation of your home, and ensure to choose mulch types that are less likely to attract pests, rubber mulch or treated cedar are no bad selections at all.

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8. Geography

States or regions like south and gulf coast are most likely to experience difficulties with termites. Before owning home one of these areas that is particularly prone to termite infestations, it is advisable to consult the United States Forest Service’s map of Termite Infestation Probability (TIP) Zones to determine your home’s level of risk to infestation due to local environmental factors. Though some areas of the country have more termite presence causing in more homes attacks, remember that termites are found in every state except Alaska, so don’t get too relaxed.

Ultimately, if you suspect termite damage that has never been repaired, or that your home may have been raided, do not put off contacting a professional termite control company to get an expert opinion.

9. Openings in Roof, walls etc

The search for moisture and food, causes termites to take advantage of any breach in your home’s integrity. Any visible crack in your foundation’s concrete gives opportunities for subterranean termites to gather materials for the construction of their mud tubes, the tunnels by which they travel in their foraging. At intervals checkout your home’s entry doors and windows, and reapply caulk where any might be lost or missing. In the same vain, look for any loosed seals where electrical conduit or plumbing lines enter your home. If you are conscious of their damage to your shingles, fascia boards or eaves, have it fixed immediately, minor fixes can help you defend your home against a termite infestation.

10. Wood in Contact with your Home

Termites feed on cellulose, an essential component of wood. Subterranean termites will search out food sources that exist above ground in addition to their more readily available food supplies. Even if the soil around your home has been treated by a pest control specialist, wood that serves as a bridge between the ground and your home may create a point of entry for termites. Any wood that comes into contact with your home’s exterior may create an access point for termites to infiltrate your home’s interior. Destroy all stumps, vines, mulch, trellises or other exterior wood such as stacked firewood that is in close proximity to your home’s foundation, especially if your home has wooden siding. Note that your roof can also be vulnerable to termite infestation. Trim back any tree limbs that are resting on your roof or touching wooden structures such as eaves or window framing.

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