Category: Termite FAQs

what eats termites?

When termites thrive in your home and start to invade every …

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where do termites live

Termites are known as “silent destroyers” because these pests feed on …

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termite pellets

Is tenting a property necessary? When should you do a structural …

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what do termites eat?

Termites are known to be silent destroyers as they can damage …

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how big are termites

Warm and continuous humidity can put homes to possible termite activity …

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When is termite season?

What Time of Year Do Termites Appear? Termite season starts when …

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where do termites come from

Termites not only put holes in your home’s structure but in …

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can you live in a house with termites

Termites make noise, notably a larger termite infestation, and careful listeners …

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Termite mud tubes

If you see a tunnel looking structure somewhere around your home …

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do termites eat cedar?

Part of owning a house is the responsibility of knowing the …

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