Are termites attracted to light?

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Are termites attracted to light?

In some cities on the West Coast of the United States, such as Anaheim, Palm Springs, Fresno, Bakersfield, etc., termite infestations are quite common. However, no matter where you are in the world, a termite problem may be something that you can also experience. Once you notice a termite infestation, it is best to reach out to a pest control specialist because they know how to properly handle your concerns about termites.

When to Seek Pest Control Help

When you begin to see termite swarms in your home or around your property, this can only mean that you need to get a termite inspection because you are experiencing a termite infestation. Getting the help of a pest control professional will not only help you get rid of termites in your home, but they can also help you identify what species of termites are infesting your property.

It is best to know what kind of termite is invading your home because this way, you would also know what solutions to implement to stop the infestation. Since termite swarms are an obvious sign of an infestation, seeking a termite expert’s assistance is necessary so that the extent of termite damage can also be assessed.

As soon as you spot swarmers within your property or around your home, call us so we may do a thorough inspection of the place and suggest the best solutions to get rid of those termite colonies.

Termites that are Attracted to Light

Light sources attract termite swarmers, which is why they can usually be seen near light fixtures, doors, windows, and vents. Worker termites move fast when they are exposed to brightness. This type of termite is pale-colored and small. Winged termites and other species of termites are also very attracted to glowing sources such as street lamps, utility lights, motion lights, porch lamps, and even reflections of light coming from inside a house.

When you see a swarm of flying insects, contact us right away to determine if those are really termite swarmers because they could also be flying ants. It is not unusual for flying termites to be thought of as flying ants. If they are termites, we can recognize what kind of species they are and how much termite damage has been caused. We can also find out what conditions around your property are encouraging these termites to thrive and from there be able to protect your home from further damage by providing solutions to eliminate and treat your termite problem.

What are Flying Termites?

Flying termites are also called winged termites, and though they could look frightening, these types of termite swarmers do not cause damage the structure. Though these termites fly, winged termites are not really good fliers. They merely depend on the wind to help them navigate through the air.

These flying termites do not really swarm for a long time, and they are just always close to their termite colony. Winged termites are also known as alates, and their wings have a purpose. Flying termites have a specific role in their termite colony, and their termite wings are used to take flight so they can leave their nest and swarm in the air. Termites swarm to mate with the same flying termite species, but from different colonies. When the mating is done, the flying termites land and begin to lose their wings. This then is to start a new colony.

When termites swarm, it means that it is the start of a new life cycle. At this time, male and female flying termites that are already sexually developed get out of their nest and take their “nuptial flight.” This process is also done by flying ants. The king and queen of flying termites swarm to find the most conducive places for their new colonies. They come out from mud tubes created by the worker termites.

A termite swarm does not always mean an infestation in the structure as they usually just come from a termite nest outside your home and not really in the network. Nevertheless, if you see any signs of termites, call us to start protecting your family.

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