Day: November 9, 2020

Natural Termite Control

Termites can destroy your home if you are not keen enough to check the parts of your house that may be attractive to termites. It will not take long for them to chew through beams and cause severe damage. Getting your home a regular checkup for pest control can prevent extensive damage, and this service …

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Termites in Wall

Have you ever thought about the cavities and holes in your walls? If not, you should consider this to take action because it can cause termite infestation. Yes, it can be signs of termites because walls, in particular, are the termites’ primary target. It is simply because of its accessibility from the ground and considerable …

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what eats termites?

When termites thrive in your home and start to invade every wood structure and furniture, dealing with termite control problems as early as possible will prevent further damage. There is no better remedy than to turn to chemical solutions to control them. However, some people don’t prefer the use of chemicals to treat their home …

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