Day: July 28, 2020

worker termites

A termite colony is made up of the reproductives, the workers, and the soldiers. Each type has its own role. In this article, let’s figure out the role of worker termites. The king and queen choose where the termites live. Worker termites, for their part, are the most populous in the termite colony. These termites …

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termite Nests

Termites are homewreckers. They can cause you a huge amount of money to handle the repairs and damages. But do you know that you can spot a termite nest? Termite colonies occupy the mounds or nests that they build. The group of termites chooses to stay and develop their territories. The factors they consider are …

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termite king

Termites are social insects. Like humans, they have their specific castes. It is composed of workers, soldiers, and reproductives. They appear in tropical environments. They can also live anywhere as long as the weather is not freezing. In this article, let us discover how termites work. What is Termite King The king is one of …

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