10 Signs of termites in Your Home

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10 Signs of termites in Your Home

Termites have always been known and considered to be pests, but what you may not be aware of is that they too have their own special purpose. If they are in their natural dwelling, termites can help in preventing soil erosion and can also assist in a dead wood’s decomposition.

However, all these changes when termites invade your property can certainly cause some enormous damage to your home’s foundation and may cost you really big. Knowing the signs of a termite infestation can save you a lot of money and stress.

If only everyone is aware of the signs of termites, then the country could be saving around 5 billion worth of dollars of annual repairs due to termite damage. Learning about signs of termites can help you keep an eye on these factors and help you protect your home.

When you know how a termite infestation looks like, then you are already in the first step towards prevention and you get to have an idea of how to identify one. By having knowledge about signs of termite, you can immediately call your pest control and save yourself from further costs as well as avoid structural damage to your home.

10 Warning Signs of Termite Infestation to Know About

There are different species of termites that could be lurking around your home, but the main types to watch out for are damp wood termites, subterranean termites, and dry wood termites. Be aware of the warning signs of termites in your home so you know when to call pest control.

1) Droppings

Termites depend on the tiny moisture coming from the wood and once they excrete some droppings, they also eliminate a lot of moisture in the process that results in droppings that turn hard and would look like hard pellets. And because they want to have a tidy workspace, these termites tend to make some small holes where they could shove out their termite droppings which can easily pile up. As soon as you spot something like this, see a professional pest exterminator as this could mean termite infestation.

2) Tunnels inside the wood

Though often a sign of a termite, this one is usually not easily seen by the eye. To check, find some wood inside your home and see its center as this can help you spot an infestation.

3) Mud tubes

Subterranean termites eat wood and when it is combined with their saliva and their termite droppings, mud tubes are built. These are typically found along cracks in baseboards or floorings of a home or within concrete walls. Mud tubes are used by termites as a protection for them when they move between their food source and their underground home as well as a shelter. These extend from the ground up through the wood that they are eating.

4) White ants

Termites are also often mistaken for white ants because of their similarity in size and body shape. One of two things that set them apart is that the termites have two sets of wings and another difference is that their color is either transparent or milky cream.

5) A stiff window or a warped door

If you find this type of situation in your home, the cause may be termites. This condition may happen when subterranean termites excrete moisture while they eat your wood which then could cause your door or window to warp and get stuck.

6) Clicking sounds inside walls

If you hear a termite activity in your home such as if somebody is typing on a keyboard or clicking sounds or seems like a scissors snipping, this can be among the signs of a termite infestation.

7) Sagging floors and drywall that is water-damaged

Subterranean and dry wood termites create wood damage when they consume it. The wood sags and creates a water damage-like appearance to the drywall.

8) Presence of discarded wings

After swarmers mate, they shed their wings and settle down then begin building a colony. Seeing some discarded wings around your home could be a sign of a termite infestation. These swarmers may shed their wings in your vents, door frames, bathtubs, or window sills so you may want to check these areas.

9) Wood that sounds hollow

One of the surest signs that there are termites in your home is when you hear a sound like a crumbly paper or when you knock on a wood from the inside and it sounds hollow then it is time to get a professional to see your pest concern.

10) Termite Swarms

When termites swarm around your home, it means that they are in the process of mating in order to build a new colony. These winged termites are the ones involved in reproduction to make a new termite colony so when you see this sign of termite infestation, call professional pest control so they can help you solve your termite problem. Swarmers habits and mating season may vary according to the species of termite so if you have knowledge about a dry wood termite or subterranean termites, then you may also know which type of termite swarms around your property.

Where to Check for Signs of a Termite

Termite damage whether it is dry wood termites, soldier termites, etc. may cause you a great fortune to repair your home which is why knowing where to spot them is very important so you can catch the infestation early on.

Because termites love wood, try checking all your stuff that is made of wood such as your furniture, your floors, your beams, etc. If there are signs that your furniture is infested with termites, it may be best if you put it out under the sun. Also, keep them off from the walls of your home to prevent the pest from damaging it.

If you are using wooden floors, it is best to maintain a regular termite inspection to be sure that no new colony is forming or that there is no current infestation already. As for your wooden beams, check for damaged wood regularly. You can do this by holding down your thumb against the wood and when it feels soft or spongy, then you know that it is damaged by termites.

You may also find a colony in the roof that is why every crack must be repaired immediately to prevent the termites from having access to your home. Aside from wood, termites are also often fond of cellulose which is why it might be best to use plastic boxes to store your stuff instead of the ones made of cardboard.

Termites are also often found in air condition units due to their moist environment that attracts these pests. To prevent the termites from going into your home or damaging your property, make sure that their moisture release is not towards the foundation of your home. Also, try to eliminate condensation and puddles to not encourage termites into your property.

If you are aware of the warning signs to watch out for and you can at least identify what a damaged wood appears to be then you can prevent having any further damage to your property. For any signs of infestation, contact your exterminator.

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