How to Kill Termites Yourself: 5 Best Termite Killer Spray/Products

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July 30, 2019


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Termites are unnoticeably dangerous and can be the reason for repairable damage to any home if slightly given a chance. This article will be of great assistance in finding best and affordable solutions that will definitely help you eradicate Termites and pests for good.

Many refer to termites as silent destroyer’s because they could be quietly eating away woods available in your home and you wouldn’t notice. It’s a fact that any home can host termites, despite their level of construction quality, design or style.

Signs of Termite Damage: How to Know if you have termites?

One of the most popular sign of a termite infestation is often when winged varieties are spotted trying to escape the home. Most Homeowners will find them just around their windows, corners and doors especially, but they may be anywhere outside of the colony. It is common to see a cabinet infestation of termites having winged pests hanging around the colony site. Usually, this signs are noticed during the 1st day of Spring. Read in details about the 5 Major Signs of Termite Damage.

Why You Need Termite Killers?

Lots of people find it hard to understand the importance of being consistent with termite killers. If you have ever ignored the good practices of Termite Control, then you’ll definitely find yourself needing one of these products. Due to the fact that termites are not noticed easily, then recognizing the importance of using these products could be hard. Below are few valuable reasons concerning the importance of using the products listed.

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Every year, termites which are caused by certain factors, can cause an estimated $30 billion of damage to houses and crops in the U.S. which means, the average homeowner will spend an average of $3,000 repairing their damage, so the first best practice is enrolling for a Termite Inspection Package, but incase you missed that, then opt for a Termite killer.

Choosing the Best Termite Killer

Exterminating these termites from your house quickly is easy as long as you have the right liquid insecticides and perfect baits. In addition, the soil-applied liquid termiticides have been used continuously for decades with high rate of success stories. You have to know what and what is important before determining a particular product that best suits your needs. There are several different types of termite killers available for purchase. The liquid insecticides and baits can assist in quickly getting rid termites from the home. For decades, soil-applied liquid termiticides have allowed great effects in killing termites.

Newer materials such as imidacloprid and chlorfenapyr consist of non-repelling action. This allows termites to tunnel into the treatment area where they get killed.

The first step is determining what type of product you want to use, either Applicable Chemical, Nematodes or Bait. This will serve as the suggestion on which you ultimately purchase. Secondly endeavour to purchase enough to cover the area around your home. You don’t want to get halfway through the application and run out.

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Thirdly, your budget plays a factor in what you choose. There are products available in different price ranges, you should be able to find something that suits your expense.

Finally, always make sure that the product you choose is designed for the type of insect you are trying to kill. If you are dealing with termites and ants, then one product can be used to get rid of both from your home.

How to Kill Termites Yourself

Top 5 Best Termite Killer Products Reviews

Here are the 5 best termite killer products that we’ve found currently on the market.

Termidor SC Termiticide

By using this professional termite control product, i effective at killing termites quickly. Also, this formula will protect your home from future infestations. Infestations can reoccur when you use different brands.

Endeavour to see a resolution to your problem within 90 days which is considered to be fast. When this is used as an in-ground barrier treatment, it also helps to protect you for over 10 years!

Termidor is mostly undetectable by termites, so they easily come in contact with it. Then, they ingest it and spread the contents to the entire colony.

You can use this termite killer on all types of termites, including:

  1. Subterranean
  2. Drywood
  3. Formosan

The value is unbeatable due to the price including the protection, you receive for over 10 years. You can’t really put a price on the well-being and safety of your home. This product should be used outdoors. Incase of the need for indoor treatment, then spot treatments can be done inside the empty wall.

One reviewer stated that in his own pest and termite company, this was his reliable product. Another customer stated that it is currently the best killer in the market.

Surprisingly this is my top pick from the best termite killer products. The overall value, successful reviews and easy application make this a top choice.

Termidor SC Termiticide Video Description

Pros of Termidor SC Termiticide by Termidor

  1. Long-lasting effectiveness
  2. Works on many pests, not just termites
  3. Great value for the protection

Cons of Termidor SC Termiticide by Termidor

  1. Estimated cost is high
  2. Only available in a 20oz container
  3. The contents have to be mixed with water to create a solution

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Taurus SC

This water-based suspension termite killer offers 9.1% Fipronil which is the same as the Termidor SC. It is best to be as a barrier application which will target pests around household structures.

Taurus SC is undetectable to the termites so they will ingest it and spread it to their entire colony. Results can be seen in as little as one to three days. It also works against a large variety of other insects such as:

  1. Ants
  2. Beetles
  3. Black widow spiders
  4. Brown recluse spiders
  5. Centipedes
  6. Cockroaches
  7. Cluster flies
  8. Millipedes
  9. Silverfish

Taurus SC has the ability to eliminate an entire termite colonies in just 3 months. You can choose between a 20-ounce bottle and 78-ounce bottle incase you need more.

Aco, it is a bit higher in price compared to the Termidor. Which doesn’t seem like a good value considering the fact that they both contain the same main ingredient.

One customer stated that after 2 months of usage, no more signs of termites has been found at their house. Another customer said that it was the best product ever used and possesses the longest residual effects.

Taurus SC Video Description

Pros of Taurus SC

  1. Strong active ingredient
  2. Kills a variety of insects
  3. Undetectable by termites
  4. Offers a variety of sizes
  5. Quick effect

Cons of Taurus SC

  1. Expensive
  2. Need to purchase a separate sprayer
  3. Measuring cup can be messy

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Spectracide Terminate Termite Detection

The Spectracide termite killer is a method that can be easily used for protecting your home. Featuring stakes, the protection can be installed within minutes and it is made with Dow technology.

The Spectracide Terminate does not only kill the foraging termites but it also includes pop-up termite indicators that offer easy-to-find locator shields.

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The stakes can be used for up to 12 months at one time. The product seems a bit more expensive than the sprays, but it is easier to use.

In addition, the sprays have offered five and ten year protection times, but with the stakes, they will need annual replacement. When determining how many stakes are needed for the home, follow these guidelines:

1-Story Home up to 1,200-square feet – 10 stakes
2-Story Home up to 1,200-square feet – 10 stakes
1-Story Home between 1,200 – 2,500-square feet – 20 stakes
2-Story Home between 1,500 – 3,000-square feet – 20 stakes

These can be purchased in a box of 15 stakes or a 6-pack of boxes for many more stakes. Purchasing in bulk lowers the estimated cost per stake. One of the customers that use the Spectracide Terminate says it is their inexpensive insurance policy. Another user commented on how it was easy to install around the house.

Spectracide termite killer Video Description

Pros of Spectracide termite killer

  1. Can be purchased in bulk
  2. Easy to install
  3. No spraying required
  4. Easy to understand indicator

Cons of Spectracide termite killer

  1. Having to reapply more often than sprays
  2. Indicator can sometimes read falsely
  3. Have to purchase 15 at a time

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Termidor Foam

These termite killer chemicals feature an easy to use foam application. It is ready to use and does not require mixing or preparing.

Termidor Foam comes in a pressurized can which offers pest management professionals and homeowner the control expected from Termidor products. It is an ideal spot treatment for use in wall voids. You can also use Termidor Foam to treat other pesky creatures such as:

  1. Ants
  2. Borer beetles
  3. Wood destroying insects

Termidor Foam can be effectively used in the house as well as outdoors. It is also ideal for use in apartments, homes, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, motels and office buildings. For easy application and an additional fact that you don’t have to purchase any more equipment, the value on this can is exceptional.

Some exceptional reviews include praise that Termidor is what a professional would use. In fact, another person says he uses it as a pest control contractor and says the results can be trusted.

Termidor Foam Video Description

Pros of Termidor Foam

  1. Easy to use
  2. No mixing required
  3. Strong ingredients
  4. Effective

Cons of Termidor Foam

  1. Expensive, but worth the convenience
  2. Small size
  3. Isn’t effective against as many insects as some other products

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Ortho Home Defense MAX Termite

The Ortho termite killer is the most-powerful weapon in the Ortho line of insect products. It kills termites and other pests that can invade the home.

It can be used around your home’s foundation. It can also be used to treat wooden structures, tree stumps, wood piles or stored lumber you might have. When you use the Ortho Home Defense MAX as a trenching treatment, it can control the area for up to 5 years. Which is a long time to have some peace of mind.

The price on the Ortho Home Defense MAX is quite low. Consider the fact that it is a concentrate which will produce a lot of material. In addition, it can found in 20oz and 32oz sizes so you’ll find what you desire to meet your specific needs.

In addition to termites, it is effective at killing:

  1. Carpenter ants
  2. Carpenter bees
  3. Other wood destroying pests

Customers who’ve used this product speak only positive things. One person that has been doing his own pest control for many years claims that since 1988, the Ortho Home Defense MAX is the best termite protection an unlicensed customer can purchase. Another happy user said that this product is very important to acquire.

Pros of Ortho termite killer

  1. Great price
  2. Kills a variety of pests
  3. Effective for up to 5 years
  4. Most powerful product offered by Ortho

Cons of Ortho termite killer

  1. The contents need to be mixed
  2. You need to purchase a separate sprayer for application
  3. Instructions on mixing can seem be confusing sometimes

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Using Termite Killing Products

Once you’ve determined the ideal product to use, it is important to understand why you are using it and also note the best application practices.

1. Barrier Applications

The termite killers should be used around the structural perimeter of the treatment area. Trenching, rodding or drilling are all effective ways for the application to be accomplished.

Using a barrier application requires products that contain fipronil, imidacloprid and chlorantraniliprole. The National Center for Biotechnology observed that when they treated 12 pest colonies with insecticide; they had a 75% removal rate over 90 days.

The University of California found that injections of liquids, foams and dust directly into the dry wood galleries is also successful.

2. Baits Applications

If using baits is your preference, you can install them in your backyard by using designated plastic stations. The termites will find the bait and share it with the others.

All the termites that have tasted the bait will then die. You can make your choice from consumer bait products or the professional-grade variety. Baits are most successful when used in along with liquid insecticides.

Safety Concerns with Treatment

There have been lots of safety concerns regarding using termite killing products as they contain chemicals. Here are some important things to note:

  • Newest methods are made to cause little dangers to pets and humans
  • Baiting systems offer small doses of chemicals and are only toxic to termites
  • Soil-applied termiticides do not get in contact with the water and are only present in the soil for a few years.

Some professionals highly recommend fumigation as a way to treat termites. Although this is a termite killer, this method involves the use of strong chemicals which get sprayed inside of your home.

For the safe application of this procedure, all occupants should exit the home during the application. safety return to your home could take a week. Thankfully, the chemicals will not be present once the fumigation is over and you have been cleared to go back in. Then, you are completely safe to be in your house again.

Tips for Using any of the Termite Killers

It is strongly advised that you always remember to follow the directions on the product you are using for best results. In addition, here are some simple tips for you when you are attempting to rid your house of termites.

  1. Start by tracking down the infestation.
  2. Determine what type of termites you are infested with.
  3. Use recommended products to rid your household of pests.
  4. Leave any wood in the sunlight to dry.
  5. Freeze pieces of furniture if you can’t put them in sunlight.
  6. Seek professional help if the job becomes too tedious for you.
  7. Maintain a dry home to prevent further infestations.
  8. Continuous use of a repellant even after the termites are gone serves as a prevention method.
  9. Don’t leave woods that are not needed on your property.
  10. Seal any cracks found in your home.
  11. Remember to retreat as per the instructions on your products.


Now that you know my favorite termite killing product is the Termidor SC Termiticide, you can decide if this brand also meets your needs as well. Termidor SC Termiticide receives the best recommendations and is noted to be highly effective against the termite battle.

In addition, it has been a great value for the money when compared to the other brands, despite that the overall cost is high. By taking the steps to treat existing termite colonies and prevent future infestations, you’ll be on the path to taking control of your home once again.

You can Save yourself money over hiring a professional. They can be expensive and potentially want to sell you products you don’t need. Simply pick the best termite killer and get to work taking back your domain.

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